New members of the Japan forum, introduce yourself here

Hi all,

Newbie on the Japan forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Japan if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi  , I'm Japanese , and I was expat in China.
Last year I got back to tokyo from shanghai.

Now i'm looking for friends in Japan!
And i'm interested in what do you think about Japan.


Hello, I'm a Malaysian and I'm interested in living in Japan.
However, I'm still living my life over here and worried if I can survive in Japan without a good proficiency in Japanese language and also financial wise.

Hello, I'm an American and have been living in Japan for 9 years now. Enjoy my time here in Japan, though learning Japanese is still quite a challenge of me. Hope to meet and make friends with other expats in Japan. Hit me up, say hello!

Hi. Would like to be your friend


I'm not sure if I should post here, I am not living in Japan at the moment.
But, I may be able to help people with information.
And I have posted on this site before, but I don't think I wrote an introduction...

I lived in Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture (Kyushu) for about 7 years doing various kinds of teaching (private, company, kids, elementary school, kinder, etc.), some transcribing and speech judging.

After Miyazaki, I lived in Tokyo for 2 years working for a Japanese specialist, on-demand transport courier for the medical industry (clinical trials, cell sheets, plasma, blood, etc.).

I'm not living in Japan at the moment, but I am planning to go back!

It's a pleasure to meet you!

hi every body
i live in Algeria, since i was a child i've dreamed to visit japan and i still strive to realise this dream if i meet the apropriate conditions.
i'm 37, i'm a professional in IT, i'm really intersted to expact in japan to build a professional carear and live there,
i'm still dreaming...


Thought I would introduce myself!

I'm an English guy who has lived in Japan for over 5 years.  I love to travel all over Japan, but as I don't have much money I have become an expert in cheap Japanese trips!!  I write about them on my blog called CheapoJapan ( 

Please check it out and tell me what you think!  :)

Hi all,

just arrived in Japan, hoping to meet new people.

Love Japan so far, it is a really nice country. I went skiing last week and I really enjoyed it

best regards


Hi there!

I'm a Portuguese expat living in Tokyo! I came here around two years ago to study Japanese, and after one year of study, I entered a Professional College where I'm studying Computer Graphics now. I'll have to study during one more year until graduation, and then I hope I can find a job here in Japan!

I write a lot about my everyday, and about Japan in general, so have a look at my blog if you are interested!

Should you have any questions about Japan, I shall answer you! (well, as long as I know it! ^o^ )



ohayogojaimasu .. :)
hi my name is himal rai.. i am from nepal and living here. my profession is a continental cook. i have achieved an Australian diploma in culinology and other professional courses regarding cooking. i have also worked in various esteemed fine dine restaurants and hotels so far. besides these i am a food lover a true cook motivated by self desire n passion. i love exploring new dishes n techniques and learning n learning.
in the near future i hope to be in Nagoya to work at my friends restaurant.
i would love to work in continental based restaurants as to brush up my career with good chefs there.
and thankx to expat team for this blog.
sayonara.. :)

Hi there!

Sounds great!
When I was studying in my Japanese school, I met two Italian friends who were studying in cooking courses back in Italy, and they also want to one day open their restaurants in Japan! It seems that in some time we'll have many more places to go have a great meal! ^O^

yes andre... wud truely b mine.pleasure to cater u... :)

Hello everyone,

I am an Algerian living in Japan, I am working in a japanese company, my major is IT but beside that, I am traveler and food lover.
All your suggestions for meeting or interesting plans are welcome, let's make this community bigger and have fun.


I am a food lover too, it would be great if we can meet one day and organize some lunch or dinner.

Hi ! I'm Vietnamese and my bro will come to Shizuoka at the end of this month. Hope can find any friend over there to make friend with him and maybe next year I also will come to Shizuoka for travel and we can catch up sometime :)

Hi everyone!

I am a French expat in Japan but not for long anymore. Really enjoyed it here and sad to go back.

Hi, I came back to Japan a month ago, after staying in KL, Malaysia for 3 years. It's quite nice to be back here, old friends and good bars but things have changed and many of the places that I used to go is now gone. Do let me know if there are any good bars and pubs around Osaka and Kobe area. I lived in the US for 12 years,  Malaysia for 3 years.

Hey everyone,

I'm an American moving to Kyoto in a few months! It's very exciting for me but I'm a complete stranger to Japan. I'm interested in meeting any English speaking locals or expats in the area. I'm from the Seattle area, so I'd like to find some good pubs and local beer while living in Kyoto.

Hi, I am a srilankan.Just came to japan along with my family.

Welcome to Japan! How long will you be staying with your family?

We came here for good as my wife is Japanese nationality.i am trying to get familiar with everything here.same time trying to find a job as well.

Hi, I'm mixed Vietnamese and Japanese living in Vietnam. I want to go back to Japan sometime soon

How are you enjoying Kyoto, Kenny? I've got to go back sometime. I've only been once but so long ago.

Hi yamaya123,
I lived in Japan for 10 years, then to HK, Singapore and now in Shanghai. I joined just a few days ago and saw this Forum. Just to say "Hi" .

In the last few years, I have seen many Japanese worrying about their future (financially), especially their savings and post-retirement living conditions. Wish you all the best in your home country.


Hi im from philppines. Its been 12 years since i started my lifw here in japan. I love to visit other country too, and chatting to any kind of nationality is my pleassure. Hope to chat with u guys

Hi everyone!

I'm 32-years old (if that's important) guy who lived, studied and worked in Japan for five years. I also lived briefly in US (half a year) and China (2yrs). I'm currently back in my home country, Finland, to complete a bachelor's degree in Japanese studies. I worked in international business for a few years in Tokyo, and while I didn't like the field(s) and decided to pursue higher education to find a myself a better (work)place in life, I still learnt some important skills from the business world.

Next year, I will be moving back to Tokyo to study two more years. I'd like to connect with like-minded (= international, open-minded and relaxed!) people, so that when I go back, I would already have company for beers! :)

Please ask me if you need tips or someone to talk to who's been probably through the same feelings! Nice to know you all!


my name is arnaldo g santos from philippines il just look for a job in japan ill curently employ at nissan car lease philippines 9 year as a executive driver and also il have a lot of v.i.p that driven they all govt.official from another country hope that we work in near future.

                                                        im hoping that im qualified on that position that i apply
                                                 thank you very much in advance.                       

                                                                                                                                      axl santos

I am indeed new here. Nice to meet you all, i am Yo, Belgian, planing to come back to Japan. I am an expat from Japan and started a new business into my plan to come back to Japan. [No free ad on the forum.]

over 100 Japanese A German Alien in Japan (yes, I'm a huge castle fan). At some point I thought it's a waste to keep all these photos just on my computer and so I started a blog in 2011 called "Zooming Japan [] - Bringing Japan Closer To You"

The blog is not only about travelling in Japan, I also share the encounters of " A German Alien in Japan" where I describe how life is as a Western foreigner in Japan.

I'm not exactly new here, but I never posted until now.
I hope I can help some people here and there.
Looking forward to getting to know you all! ^____^

Hi All,

Good Day to Everyone, Im Ronald Allan Rodriguez, From Cebu, Philippines. I am a Computer Engineering Graduate. I have been working for almost 10 years related to any CAD-CAM software and I am currently connected to NCR Cebu Development Center using Pro/Engineering and Solidworks Software. I was once hired as a CAD-CAM Engineer Trainee at Max Brain Ltd. located at Osaka japan for one year and have a 3 month training in Japanese Language. Working in Japan gives me a lot of experiences. The people there are so humbe and respectful. If given a chance, I would like to go back to Japan to work.

Best Regards,
Ronald Allan

Hey :D

I just moved to Osaka and am teaching English (big surprise right?). I've only been here a couple of weeks but would love to meet some people to have fun with!

I'm from England and this is my first time in Japan, and alas, my Japanese is pretty weak. BOOOOOO! I'm obviously looking to learn, but primarily I'd like to have a decent social life while I'm here. In typical British style I'm loving beer at Izakayas and really enjoy playing darts, even on these unfamiliar and strange electronic darts boards! Other than that, I like table tennis and karaoke and would enjoy doing some more sight-seeing around Osaka (but you know... NOT ALONE).

I'm a big football (cough... soccer) and cricket fan, so if there's anyone who likes talking/watching sport related things I can aid with that conversation X)

Anyway, would love to meet or talk with some new people in Osaka, please get in touch :D


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hopefully  me  to enter   japan  this july ....... from nepal  want   be   my  frn?  uttamprasadsubedi2  is my  skype id

i am from india and have been in japan b/4 a couple of years back /now i really think to vist the beautiful country japan but b/4 i have to make new friends to see and chat atleast till i will be there

hi i am from mumbai

Hi, I'm Japanese and came back to my hometown Yokohama after living in Slovakia for 3 years.
This website helped me a lot for networking and getting information on living there and I'd love to continue here in Japan  :))

I am going to be living near Kyoto in August as an English teacher...just wanted to seek out other English/French speakers and to make new friends while teaching abroad!  I love nature walks, bicycling, rock concerts, and I am learning Japanese so if you want to practice your English with me we could have a fun culture/language exchange.  I look forward to speaking and hopefully meeting you in person!

Hi all,

I will move to Hiroshima soon to play for the Coca Cola Red Sparks (Hockey). My boyfriend Marco would join me for a few weeks.
Unfortunately we both don´t speak Japanese and it´s quite hard to find out things on the internet. So we are thankful for any kind of recommendations, tips, people to meet etc...

For example we will probably need a place for Marco to stay (my apartment from the team might be too small) or maybe a little job he could do.

We are excited!!

Janne & Marco

PS: Also - any idea which airport would be the best to fly to? To Tokyo and then take the train so we maybe even see something? Or better Osaka, Nagoya? No idea.. :-)


I am an American from Maine and I will be living near Kyoto at the end of August, teaching EFL.  If you are hungry for another English speaker at any point, or would like an acquaintance to explore with who speaks English, email me! I am close enough to Osaka to go there on weekend explorations.

As far as airports go:  Osaka is closer to Hiroshima, and I doubt the train ride from Tokyo would do anything but add hours to your already-very-long trip?   Have a great summer!

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