Cost of the living in Port of Spain!


I would like to know how much do I need to spend monthly in accomodation, public transportation, food, health, electricity, internet, television, telephone, mobile phone, etc.

Also I would like to study at a trinitarian university, is it expensive?

I will move soon, it would be nice to have some help.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Everyone!

You need to have $2000/- at least to stay in T&T. Everything is available even all kinds food, grocery shops, restaurant and fresh fruits and vegetable.

There is complete peace in T&T and violence is everywhere in the world.

Keep this in your mind that you will buy mineral water and will not drink tape water.

Very good environment and qualified teachers for students wish to study here.

T&T has many options for international students as affordable courses and institutes are available.

A person who can speak and understand English and Spanish can easily adjustable.


Tariq Zubair

Hi Tariq Zubair,

Thank you for your contribution. I would also like to inform you that this is an old topic [2010]. ;)

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