Offering some english lessons in Brussels and Dilbeek!

Hey, I'm 19 year old who is fluent in english and has developed an American accent. Of course, since I'm not a native speaker, I might make a few mistakes, but still.. I feel confident enough when speaking. I am also very patient and willing to explain a million times only if you need it, I am also a babysitter and I definitely do not have any anger issues so please don't be frightened if your english needs some polishing! :)

I can help you with formal and informal english up to university level , my english is sophisticated enough.
I would charge some fee for an academic hour but the price would be totally reasonable and I would definitely round up the numbers if you wanted more than 1 lesson per week!
Well, everything is negotiable!
I am available in DILBEEK and BRUSSELS on Mon, Wed and sometimes Fri from 12:00 til 18:00. If you are interested please hit me by e-mail [at] egle.ltu14[at] !

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