To non-Korean people moved to Korea, tell me about your experience!?

Hello Everyone,
I hope y'all doing good,  :up:

My name is Houda, I'm 23 years old and I'm new here!
I guess it's a very interesting forum-idea to get in touch with people who have the similar objectives as you.  :happy:

I wanted to know more about you as an non-korean who moved to live in Korea,
why you choosed Korea? and how did you do to get there?
Are you enjoying your life in Korea?
Tell me more about your experience

Thank you in Advance  :heart:

PS : I'm a Morrocan living in Morocco and seeking for a job to move to Korea. Nice to meet you all.  :happy:

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Hello Houda,

I planned to South Korea for my bachelor study in 2011, when I was busy with the application stuffs, I got an offer in Shanghai. I was quite undecided at that moment, my friend who specializes in advertisement with several years suggest me to take the offer, because the work experience is much more useful than the oversea study and I can also learn a lot of new things through the work.  So I had to give up the study plan, but it still keeps in my mind.

In 2012, I went my friend who studies in Seoul, she showed me around the city and shared her study & work experience to me, I was really impressed by her words. I even thought it would be right to postpone the study plan. As many Chinese major in Korean, you do not have chance to practice your oral speaking in the school except in the local restaurant. If you intend to find a dedicated job in Korean company, you'd better obtain Topik advanced level  certificate, then they'll check your work experience and former performance and interview you later. I have to say that it's challenging!

Moving to a new city is very adventurous and cheerful. To immerse the country, you need to conquer the new language and adapt the culture. Meanwhile you'd better have a clear picture of your goal if you are willing to stay there for a long time.

PS: the scenery is very beautiful in spring and autumn, many Korean couldn't speak English very well, especially the old. It would be better for you to learn some basic Korean before you travel or study there.


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