Working in Brunei

Hi, I'm a Singaporean and I would love to work in Brunei. Looking into the I.T field if possible. Any recommendations? Thanks!

Hello ernydee,

Welcome to :)

For your job search, I invite you to browse through the section IT & Telecommunications jobs in Brunei. Please feel free to drop your CV in the sector which suits you the most.

Can you please also tell us more about your qualifications and experience?

A little search on the internet regarding the companies which are recruiting these days may also provide you with some useful information.

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Hasnaa Team

Hi, thanks for the welcome and your reply!

I have a Diploma in Multimedia & Infocomm Technology. Experience in working in the Singapore government schools. Sure, I did some research too. Thanks!

You are Singaporean. Earning Singapore dollar is the same as earning Brunei dollar. Why want to go Brunei.

I've 1 year of working experience in Brunei and I would prefer to work in Singapore instead. :)

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