HELP! Car towed!

I'm a big dumb animal and I managed to get towed from the airport (Riyadh).  HELP.  Where would it have been taken, and what is the procedure to release it?  It was a rental, so I don't have any information on the vehicle- because its all in the glove box.

Hello Jack,
Sorry for you.

I know how it feels, It happened once to me but not in the airport. I had a copy of the papers with me so it was a bit easier to release it.

I would advise you to call or visit the rental office and get its information. Then head to airport authorities, they will guide you where they keep towed cars. There are instruction signs near airport gates contains their numbers.
Most probably, you will be asked to pay a release fee. In my case it was not a big amount.

Check the traffic police authorization SMS if you have it, it contains the plate number of the car.
Best luck

It will be better to ask the authorities at the airport where the impound yard is located, go there search for your car, take the documents from the car and pay the fine at the counter and you will be issued a slip, while exiting from the yard you need to show the slip at the gate. The fine is 30 or 50 SAR. 

I had mine towed up in Batha, all the documents were in the car and  I didn't even recalled the plate number, took me an hour to find.

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