Hola, thanks for letting me in.

I am an out of work mom, looking for something meaningful to do. Preferably a paying job :)

I used to be a flight attendant, with 19 years of experience ( quit last week ) and even though I meant to take a break, I am already itching to seek work.

Thanks or aw khun jaa.

Hi.  Welcome to the site.  I have never been to Cambodia so I can't be any help in finding employment there.  Just curious: what made you decide to quit your f/a job?  Bryan

hey Brian

Well, mainly it was because my hubby got relocated here. It was hard as Malaysia Airlines couldn't give me no pay leave.

anyhow, I was actually tired as our schedules were getting really tight with min rest days and juggling two toddlers and working full time was wrecking havoc on my 40 year old body.

Body aside, my heart and soul has also always been inclined towards settling in Indochina. My country, beautiful as it is was getting too crowded.

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