rental market - flooded or under supply?

[1] What is the rental market like in amman? is there lots of properties to choose from or very little?
[2] When trying to agree on a rent, are the initial asking prices realistic or is there an expectation that you negotiate the price down to e.g. half the asking the price?
What can you expect to pay for 1500  square feet (140 sq m) floor space?

any estate agent around to give an honest response?

sorry , i didint understand...!
what u wanna to do ? rent place ? for what? living? or as shop?

to rent flat

akthar :

to rent flat

Hi Akhtar,
Did you have a look at Flats for rent in Jordan's classifieds?
Hope this helps

yes i did thank you.

I would love to help you but the company I am working with out here is helping me with the apartment search. Maybe you could talk to them about helping you in this regard? Are you coming out here soon or already here? Might be worthwhile to get a hotel for a week and go apartment searching with an agent or someone from work so you can make sure you get a good price.

Hi AmanInAmman, thanks for your response.  I am planning to move to amman at the end of September.  I will probably initially come with my wife and stay at hotels for 3 weeks whilst looking around for flats and schoools for my children.
I am looking for a simple good standard of living and not necessarilly the top end of lifestyle.  So locations with cheaper rents but easy commute and pleasant surrounding aimed towards the mid-level jordanian community would appeal to me rather them move in to an area where rent is geared towards the very wealthy and the expat.
If you come across local agents or landlords with nice property and good price please do pass on the contacts.

[b]regarding the price in Amman, you can get apartment
with 500 - 1500 per month , that’s for furniture apartment it’s all about the location and the quality .

however the owners will not reduce the price that much you think
i mean there price is most of the time fixed .


that's very this a price for the whole of amman or the top areas? 
e.g. what about rental prices in jubeiha or shafa badran?

the area you are talking about is much cheaper.

I have been looking to move and rents have come down. Near gardens you can get a 3 bedroom in a good building for about $3500 jd per year, about $450 USD per month. Something smaller should be cheaper and if you live in east as opposed to west Amman it is even cheaper than that.

Always negotiate but have cash in hand as you do so that the landlord thinks you are serious. My cousin and I negotiated a huge garden apartment down $1500 jd per year from the ask price.

well done caised..the type of advise i have been looking for.

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