how to convert saudi license to oman

Dear members, I hv valid saudi driving license (Issued in 2008 n valid upto 2018).  I now work in sohar. Please tell the procedure to cinvert to oman license. Regsrds

In this similar post you may have the answer to all of your questions with regard to how to convert your Saudi license to an Omani one.

Alright, nice info there. So no need to have an NOC from Saudi traffic (Enshalla) department.

Hi all,

I have moved up from Saudi to Oman for a new job,i have valid Saudi DL till 2017.But when i went for license transfer,ROP said it is required to get a NOC from Saudi traffic for Oman DL conversion.So i have given them a photocopy of my Saudi DL for further process.
Now i dont know about  the process next , has any one faced the same situation.?? Please share your experiences !!

Hi anyone can help me? From saudi arabia I move here in dubai. I have D/L in saudi arabia but finish contract my company take it. It is possible to take it again?

Dear Sir

i am working in Oman from last month dec 2017.Before i worked in KSA.I also went rop for change my driving license they collect same as you and ask me come after 2 weeks.I want to know what happened for you?.Did u received license?

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i too have saudi license with me

Can i convert in new rule

How can I convert Saudi driving license to Omani license.
How long (Days),It will take me to get the license.

Hi All Having Saudi license,

I did converted my Saudi License to Omani driving License,
You need a Certificate from Traffic police from the office where the license was issued, ( they will issue a computer paper stating that the license is genuine), then the same need to be attested by Saudi foreign affairs either in Saudi or Oman,
After attestation take the paper with Original license to ROP in Oman, you will be issued with a Omani license within an hour., hope this help... Chaao

Thank you [at]babjibah60, that's a very useful (and up-to-date!) information. I would just like to get a wee bit of clarification.

First, only the issuing traffic police office can generate the certificate of authenticity?
Second, can I go to Chamber of Commerce office here in Saudi to get the attestation (sticker and sign) for the certificate?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi Modjo,

Attestation to be done from Ministry of Foreign affairs not chamber of commerce, Regards


i have  saudi license but its  not completed one year till now.

so can i convert it to oman license

Hir sir,
How did you get the certificate from Saudi?
Where to submit and how?

NOS from company enough or should get from Traffic department in Saudi?

Will they give back Saudi License with new Omani License? or they keep saudi one?

[at]AbidHamza, based on current practice here in Sohar, Oman there was a change to the above discussion points. Please see more updated discussion here: … 06#4328602

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