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Hi I am looking for clothing manufacturers specializing in silk and rayon fabrics in Bali please.

A good start would be to Google the topic.

Hi Danni,

You could see the boss of Narmada Textiles on Jalan Imam Bonjol (if you are heading towards Denpasar from Kuta then it's shortly after the old Animal Factory on the left, a bit before Jl. Teuku Umar). I used to buy a lot of fabrics from him and he knows all the factories in Bali. Be careful when choosing factories on your own because there are a lot of unscrupulous garment manufacturers in Bali. I used to own a garment export company/buying office in Hong Kong but also placed orders in other areas around Asia. Everybody in Bali will have rayon or viscose fabrics in both printed and plain as well as cotton and T/C but I think silk will only be imported usually from China but maybe he can tell you where to find it.

I used to use a factory in Kerobokan near the rice fields run by a local Balinese and his prices were good. We made every style of clothing using cotton, rayon and T/C. If you are making surf clothing then there are some great factories that are reasonable and professionally run.

If you are making beaded clothing like bustiers and dresses then be careful as the reject rate can be quite high. And, there are honest and dishonest manufacturers.

By the way, if you want to make clothes in silk then why don't you consider either Hong Kong or Thailand? I assume you only want to place small orders and it might be worth contacting garment trading companies in those countries because they may take on smaller quantities. In Hong Kong there are always stock lots of silk, both printed and plain in all qualities, CDC, Habutai, satin....etc. We used to supply silk garments to a store in Oz called Ciao Bella Boutique about 20 years ago, and we also worked a little with Cherry Lane and Country Road and that David Nitt fella.

I am looking for someone that can produce cotton batik for quilting. Can you give me more contact info on factories that you know.  I am using one now in Denpasar, but not sure if it's going to work out.

I've been selling old batik asli to quilters for many years. 

The trick is to put the word out that you're looking for great tulis batik sarongs from Java that are not in good enough condition for wearing any longer, or are beyond repair.  There is no comparing the old batik to the batik made today.  And, there is no comparing a new quilt made from authentic old batik to one which is made from modern batik. 

Yogyakarta is an excellent place to start. 

You can also do this in Bali by hooking up with a very good driver and travel to more remote villages throughout Bali and asking around.

Thank you for the information.  I have traveled to Bali 3 times in the last 1 1/2 year and have a batik factory already making  batik for me.  I focus more on the more contempory patterns and very specific colors because I match it to some of my fabrics from Thailand.  I design quilts and need to buy bolt quantities to make kits to sell at quilting shows.  I'm not sure the factory that I'm working with, is going to work out, and my driver isn't familiar with other batik factories.  Just thought I could find other leads for my trip in September.

I suggest you go to Yogyakarta which is truly the "batik capital" of Indonesia. 

You will find better quality and lower prices than in Bali.  Custom work at any of the various factories there are no problem.

Truth be told, even the Balinese themselves will go to Yogya for serious batik shopping.

..try cirebon,west java..

Do you honestly think Cirebon has more batik production factories than Yogyakarta?

..I don't think so,but the batik is more colorful in there with so much diferent pattern. :-)

also she does bali ceramonay outfits as well

vicwas :

also she does bali ceramonay outfits as well

Who ??

My wife she is a fashon designer in bali,mabye she can help u on your quest,do u want her phone number

It really annoys me when people reply to these types of questions and they have NO experience in that field. If you don't know then don't reply!

Anyway - I'm a designer and I work in Bali - this blog has an overview on a few of the main garment factories in Bali. I'd suggest researching from these and going to Bali to visit the factories (make an appointment). Some of the factories are lovely and some need a good clean! It's also good to ask about the working conditions for the staff.

Best of luck finding a manufacturer - it's a big process.

Awesome "bed side" manners to drum up new business.   :D

Looking for Clothes Manufacturers in Bali

in need of good organic cotton and a place where they will manufacture our yoga clothes. Any one can help????\

Thank you very much

My friend from Australia said she uses this manufacturer (Ana: [moderated : avoid posting phone number pls]) in Bali to manufacturer her yoga clothing line (silk, rayon, organics, etc). Sounds like she only deals with medium to large orders though. Good Luck

Hi there,

I am also after organic cotton, lightweight, for yoga clothes. Im am over to Bali in a month. Are you able to pass on the name of the yoga manufacturer TheOracle?

Thanks so much,

Happy Days

Hi over to bali in September and will be after buying shorts in bulk. Can anybody suggest the place to go please.

Pls let me know any job offers in wife is Indonesian and want to live with my family


I am looking to buy viscose & silk kimonos in bali. I bought some in a market in seminyak , but im sure there are better places and cheaper. I am also looking into making my own line of kimonos made out of silk. Can anyone recommend me tailors or manufacturers that will take small orders to start with? And around how much are the costs?

Yes i have also heard good things about Ana. Someone can private message one of us to get her number. And people should be aware she only deals with large/commercial orders. No small time stuff.

Hello MikeWallace77!:)

Can u tell me please where I can find Fabrik and material which can make surf swimsuites in Bali?

Thank u!:)

You might go to Parama textile in jalan Imam bonjol. You can google to find where it is exactly. I also might help you with your productions.
Good luck


Im looking for a manufacture for doing yoga clothes
Can you help me with that? And if they have materials is better and easier for me

Thank yo in advance!


I am is fabric printing or batik, i can help you what you needed.
Contact person
Whatsap +xxx
Thank you

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Can you give her phone number ?

Hello, I suggest you go to King Trading Swimwear Manufacturers Bali,  they produce High grade products on natural fabrics, such as Terry, Rayon, Jersey, Cotton, Silk, Linen & Voile

TheOracle, can you please send to me Ana whats up number or any of her contacts? thank you

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