Marriage in Bahrain

I am an American female wanting to marry my Saudi boyfriend here in Bahrain. I was wondering how I would go about the marriage? Somebody please help.

If you wish to get your marriage registered in Bahrain, the "Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs" is the place to call. Perhaps your husband-to-be can check with them. I know a few people who got married in Bahrain and it seemed a fairly straightforward process. If you are of the Islamic faith, the Ministry will direct you to one of local marriage registrars. Other faiths usually get their marriages solemnized at their respective places of worship who also assist with the registration process.

Best wishes and Congratulations in advance. May you two be happy, content and blessed always.

I would certainly check with the embassy here for some advice. Especially for the legal recognition of your marriage you really need to be sure you are doing the right thing.

I wish you two all the best and a happy life together.

Good luck! i am happy to see ppl are breaking the shackles finally

What do you mean by shakles?

Congratulations in advance
Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs ( the court) near to Saudi Embassy in Diplomatic Area is the only destination you can register your marriage contracts
Congratulations in advance my dear :heart:

Funny sidenote to the topic -

It is a long story, but the authorities won't accept our foreign marriage certificate here for a ridiculous reason. Therefore, my family can't get their residency permits issued. However, they won't let us get married here in Bahrain because we are already married. So which is it? Are we married and the marriage certificate is valid or we are not married and thus eligible to marry here? It can't be that answer to both is no!

That's ridiculous Stakan! You definitely need a sense of humour to deal with Bahraini red tape.

When I first arrived in Bahrain, I had with me a notarized Arabic translation of my marriage certificate. I never had to use it, since they accepted my original marriage certificate (which was in the English language).

Bureaucracy baffles me! Why would they refuse to accept your marriage certificate?

Long story Farhaz.
In short - we have an Apostille of our US marriage certificate. Bahrain is the most recent country to join the 1964 Hague Apostille Convention. They joined as of 31 DEC 2013. Prior to that they required legal documents to go through a long, slow process of attestation. An Apostille does away with that archaic process. But few people in the Bahraini government seems to know that they are now members of the convention and those that actually do know don't know what to do about it so they deny the documents.
To get married here they told me I need a letter from my Embassy stating that I am not married in my home country. My Embassy won't provide this since I am married in my home country. So the Bahraini officials won't let us marry here because they say we are already married, but yet they won't accept the documents that actually say we are married!

Can I suggest something for you that might work?

Why don't you get a local translator to prepare an Arabic translation of your marriage certificate and resubmit your papers. Make sure the official at the counter who rejected your initial application is not around and that you are served by another. Knowing how the bureaucracy works, they would accept it.

PS: I have seen this happen a number of times here. At the traffic directorate, electricity and water authority, airport, and the list goes on. Since procedures are not standardized, most counter staff work and decide based on their own intuition. You get the idea, don't you? :)

I got same problem with my marriage but Russian embassy guide me through it :) but it took one week

Hello All,
Can any body guide me because I want to register marriage through Ministry of Justice in Bahrain And I m currently living in Saudi Arabia.
1- What types of documents are currently need            by  ministry of justice for marriage.
2- How much time need for marriage and its registration.


Why don't you call them or visit them and find out more, it would be the best thing to do!

Kingdom of Bahrain ,Diplomatic Area, Manama P.O.Box 450
Telephone:17513000 - Fax:17536343

good luck!


I am Indian girl age 20 i want to marry with my bf he is Pakistani can I do court marry in Bahrain  please someone help me for this


Just read the above post, you can call ministry of justice or visit them and get all the needed info.


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