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I have no idea where to find bras that might fit. I'm a size G to H, yeh, tricky in Asia! Anyone know of any specialists please??

I'm not planning on going to Europe for a long time and I doubt internet shopping would be any good as I always try on 10's of bras in shops before I find one that fits! Does anyone else have this problem and anyone have the answer?

Many thanks!

I think you should go around the Hai Ba Trung Street, District 1 and Nguyen Trai street, District 1. Many fashion shops located surround that street. I believe that you can find a underswear for women shop that good for you. Good Luck ^^

I wish I had ur problems...

We're in Asia and its known that we are not well endowed like Caucasians (unless the boob job but it looks freaky on a small frame Asian).

Try one of the department stores Diamond,  Parkson etc They target foreigners so you might be lucky.

Im not sure whethee Vietnamese Lingerie Shops carry size largee than C or D.

You might try

Russian market
Clothing Store
225 Ben Chuong Duong, district 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City

I recommend getting a bra custom made, that is much more suitable for women no matter what size! Wish I could help more but I am Asian size. haha  :rolleyes:

that's a good idea, thanks. Where could I get one made please?

...and thank you everyone else for your responses, I will defiantly look into your suggestions.

Hi, facing a similar predicament and tried all places suggested. Let's face it a B or C cup is the biggest they do, so forget anything ready made. Went to a shop on Ly Lu Trong who also design swimwear but the need for underwiring and support is met with fairly blank stares and a lot of giggling. Better order online and have someone bring it out to HCMC for you as otherwise you might have to pay import tax. Good luck and let me know if you fare any better:)

My secretary in Canada had H cup breasts and she had difficulty finding the right bra. I would think the suggestion to get one made is the best. Here you can find a good tailor who will build you a bra inexpensively.

There is a little shop one block from Ben Thanh market that is stocked up with very hard to find sizes. They had loads of 70F, and they cost 150k- 170k. Seriously, unbelievable as I can hardly ever find my size in the US or Australia. The sales assistants are so helpful with fitting & finding lots for you to try. Just be prepared to try on behind a tiny little curtain amidst bags & bags of stock all crammed into a tiny shop. And you'll get poked & prodded to fit just right but it is totally worth it!

Here are the details from their card:
23 Nguyen Trung Truc P. Ben Thanh, Q1
(Goc nga tu Le Thanh Ton)
DT 398.92.496
090 31 97 239
090 66 00 666

wow, thank you so much!!

I hope I fit!!! :-)

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