New blogger in the Desh

Hi Deshis :)  I'm new to the blogger world (6 mos in Dhaka) and thought I'd introduce myself.  Nice to cyber-meet you!

Nice to see u. & Wr r u form.  Will u tell us about ur self please.

Hi MsKimiP,

Welcome to :)

A few words about yourself might be helpful for the members to know you better.

How is life going on in Dhaka?

Have a nice day,

Hasnaa Team


Welcome to Dhaka. I think you will spend your good time here. wish you all the best. Take care.



nice to meet you too

Hi Mskimip,
Well come to Dhaka. Hope you will have a nice stay.

Welcome Kimi to Dhaka!
I guess you are learning things every day.I am an ex-expatriate child so have an idea how you guys view Dhaka.
From my experience,found the expatriates are one team when it comes to bash the host country.
Its like host country vs expatriates. :)
I guess you have already visited one of the best coffee shops:North End Coffee Roasters,near US embassy.
Ask Rick to make it for you.He is the best and the owner.

Nice to meet you. I am from Bangladesh.

Hello.... :)

Hope you have got the flavor of Dhaka life by this time.'s sweaty ...roads full of traffic , lots of people & that's beauty of Dhaka. I hope you are used to with this by that time. I am here in this city since I was pursuing by Undergrad at American International University at Banani, Gulshan Area. Now I am into my professional life with a Mobile Banking Company with a mid managers duty . Still i am knowing this city every day. Each is new to me.  But this city is loveable & still pretty much safer than the neighboring countries. If you need any suggestions or any support which is in my capacity, I will always be there just a mail away . my email : find_shondhi[at]

Bye for now.

I just signed up and curiously checking few blogs; end up reading this one. Noticed that figured  ' Deshi ' which is awesome. And I dont blv you having hard time in Dhaka. enjoy !!!!

hi sayed, i saw your asking, i just want to give you my e mail adress
it is aketabita[at] you can reach me at this adress.  have a good day.

thank you Tabita. i will contact at the mentioned address. take care


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