Lets be friends =)

hi guys =)

i'm new in Bruxelles and i would love to make new friends !!

i like to travel, to get out with friends (coffees, party, beer, shopping, meet new spots in the city or just chill out and have a great conversation ) so it would be nice have a nice group of people =).

If you are interested let me know and let a message with your facebook and i will add you for sure  ..

see you soon :)

Hi anao,

Welcome to Expat.com and thank you for your nice introduction ! :)

Expat.com team

Hello every one. I'm an EU scholar currently studying masters in documentary film directing in Brussels. I am also new to the expat community and looking forward to making some new friends :)

thank you =) i hope make great friends as well =)

Hey Anao,

Welcome to Brussels! If you'd like to meet open-minded people, I recommend you to join one of Rotaract Brussels Coudenberg International's activities. Great way to meet people between 20 - 38! We have a meeting once a month, and then between those we meet up at Place Luxembourg for a drink, we do charity work, study visits or something else. That's how I met many of my friends that I have today in Brussels! Great bunch of people from everywhere; Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Albania, Finland, Germany, France, England, Kenya, Marocco etc. If you'd like to join any of our activities (for free of course!), email brusselcoudenberg /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\


Hi Anao and hi all,
i m new in Brussels me too, looking to meet new people. maybe between people who are new and with the same desire is not a bad idea :)
Shall we arrange for something in the next days?



I'm also new to Brussels & looking to meet new friends - let me know if you want to meet up at some stage for a coffee or to explore a new area of the city :-)



Mee too new to brussels ... its to boring here .....

Hi ,  Guys and Gals :)

If you are interested , we could all get to know each other over a nice plate of steaming rice or noodles .

I rencently went with a friend of mine to a nice Asian fast food restaurant/noodles bar  .The place was pretty laid back and nice . As for the food , it was pretty good and affordable . We could meet up on the following days  :

March / 14 / 2014  or March / 21/ 2014 at 8pm

Alternative dates are :

March /15 / 2014 or March / 22 / 2014 at 7 pm

Or if some wants to gave another date , feel free .

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Great suggestions! I am free on March 14th :-)

That sound like a wonderful idea, it'll be lovely to meet new people out of the blue. If there's a date and hour, count me in.  :top:

Hello everyone, after having spent some time abroad I'm back in my home-town of Brussels.
Since I had the chance to meet wonderful people that introduced me to their local culture and friends, it is for me natural to have the same attitude :) So if you want to practice your language skills or just hangout, I'm in.

Hi everyone,

I am Marine, 22 and I just arrived in Bruxelles to do 5-months internship in a food processing company. As I have just found a flat I now want to take care of my social life. So I am looking for people to come with me have a drink/go to exhibits/ hang out in parks/ go for a run,/visit Belgium cities/ have a nice diner and so on!
We could  go for a drink this Thursday night (27/03) in the center of Brussels or in Flagey.

I am waiting for your private messages so we can agree on a place and exchange numbers/Emails.

Hope to see you soon over a beer,


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