Work in Saudi Arabia on Bahraini Business Visa


I was offered a job in Saudi Arabia. However, instead of bringing me there on a Saudi visa, they said they're going to send me to Bahrain first and get me a business visa from there. Has this happened with anyone else before?

it happens all the time. Just ensure you know where you will live and that you have a multi entry/exit visa in to Bahrain and that your car also has the correct documents.

Thanks for replying. Why would they issue me a Bahraini visa instead of a Saudi visa, though? What's the benefit? Is is faster?

And is it legal to work in Saudi Arabia on a Bahraini visa?

You haven't given us much information. Where do they plan for you to live? If that is in Bahrain and you can get a full Bahrain residency then that works much better for you. The laws changed a few months ago. If you are sponsored by a Saudi company and get a full Iqama then if you wish to reside in Bahrain you only get a paper CPR this gives you nothing. No internet contract, no mobile, no nothing except lease on property and maybe a car if you know the right people. If your company want you to live in Bahrain (which is better) and they have a Bahrain visa etc then jump at the chance as they are doing everything they can to make your life eaiser.

100% legal, and 100% better for you so don't worry

They want me to live in Riyadh, not in Bahrain.

They mentioned that I would stay in Bahrain for around 5 days until all the paperwork is done, and then go to Riyadh to work.

They also added that they would make me a Saudi iqama after a couple of months.

They may have their main sponsor in Bahrain, or have their processing HR department in Bahrain. If they want you to live in Saudi then I would question why they are doing this and what is the reason.

It is probably just to get you there faster so that you can start work sooner. Have you had you medical in your home country yet? If not then start asking questions

It may be that they're doing it to get me there sooner. They need me to start work in less than 10 days.

I haven't had a medical checkup. They didn't ask for one.

In order to get your Iqama (Saudi Residency) you need to have a medical in your home country. This means you have to fly home, spend maybe a week or so there and then fly back. Your medical is then usually examined by a doctor in Saudi (yes we know it's stupid but nothing we can do about it). They can keep you for quite a long time on a working Bahrain visa but remember you have to go in and out of Bahrain at least once every 30 days. You are not a legal resident in either country, you are a visiting working man. Double, treble check everything.
Don't over panic though. I know guys who have been here for 8 years on the same visa as you. it's just cutting tape (and money)

I'm currently in another Middle Eastern country, and not in the USA (my home country) at the moment. Does that mean I'd have to fly back to the states to get a medical done before going to KSA?

I did tell them that I would like to eventually sponsor my husband (who isn't a US citizen) and bring him there as well. I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

You will have to fly back for you medical when they process your Iqama. My husband worked in Saudi for over a year before they did this. Your company will have to sponsor your husband as you can't until you have the Iqama.
Sounds like the company want you but aren't going to go to much trouble for you. i.e. proper visa's etc. I would read your contract carefully before signing it and double check your visa situation. Ask them outright how long it will be before you get your Iqama and your husband here

There is a slight difference on a business visa that you don't need to have medical checks done. This is a visa valid for 6 months and it will need to be renewed every six months. This type of visa is given to consultants etc. who are going to stay in Saudi Arabia in a short period of time. But by doing this, you will not be able to get Iqama in Saudi Arabia.

Hi, in the same situation and wanted to find out if saudi business visa can be issued from bahrain? Company is sending my on a visit visa to bahrain first and then will process the business visa for saudi.

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Yes it is possible provided your company has an agent with influence as the consulate routinely reject applications for people who are not resident of Bahrain.

Thanks XTang for the reply. Do you happen to know any agents in Bahrain? Contact Info? I am unable to find them on google. Want to discuss and make sure before proceeding. Thanks!

The ones I know will all tell you this:

"You need to have Bahrain residence visa & CPR to be able to apply from Bahrain".  And this is correct as VFS won't accept applications without this.  See requirements here (choose Bahrain from drop down):

So your employer needs to help you with that if they have the right kind of influence - how this works is that the employer gets the VISA itself issued directly from MOFA and the consulate has to stamp it (Wherever it is).  They don't like it but have no choice.  No agent can help you on your own until or unless you have the pre-approved visa in your hand from your employer - and then all they do is arrange for the stamping in your passport.

Alternatively, if your nationality is Australian, you can apply online for a tourist visa and go to Saudi.

On both visas i.e. tourist and business, you can't WORK in Saudi.  But the business visa allows you to attend meetings or projects.

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