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Please I would like to know what kind of médical check up ( Certificate of Health from a physician of the immigrant country) to have the work permit in Cambodia for expat? , Some one can tell me what they request and what they do ? Did we have full blood test? And when I can get thoses informations ?
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I have never heard of anyone requiring to have a medical certificate in order to be issued their work permit.

Have you been offered employment in Cambodia? It is your employers responsibility to organise and apply for your work permit for you, if they have told you that you must provide a medical certificate then I suggest you ask them what the requirements are.

If you don't have a job in Cambodia, or haven't been offered employment yet, then you cannot get a work permit.

are you a doctor or do you want to know if you need a check up before coming here no just arrive at phnom penh airport tourist visa for 28 days only $20  but get a normal visa yes that's what its called $25 per month $290 per year just up date every 12 months the hospitals here are a shocker 1 week  in hospital round $1500  usa $ no nurses no food you have to have someone bring you food in empty your own bed pans they take your passport no passport no entry and you get your passport back after you pay the bill  but America run hospitals cost huge amounts each week  work permits are very hard to get plus you have to pay everyone you see a huge bribe just come on a normal visa then try and find work but the average wage in Cambodia is $3 per day or $70 per month 12 hour shifts and up to 1/2 days off each month no one will  hire you for more money as everyone wants to work some places pay only $2 per day 12 hour shifts no more pay if you are asked to do more hours I have lived in Cambodia for 3 years

[at]Cocaine...I am not even going to bother pointing out all of the misinformation you have just posted. Please stop posting for the sake of those who are genuinely looking for accurate information and advice.

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