Reliable Estate Agents?

terriain :

Hi eddieg,
had a few to drink on sunday night and bid on a property on ebay and won!!
Not sure if that's a good or bad thing, We have not paid any money yet we have til friday it's not a huge amount of money (such a relief) The property looks pretty sound but you can't tell just from a photo. Is it true that properties don't have postal addresses and mail is collected from the post office?
Thank you for replying eddieg.

Kind regards Terri

Congratulations - I hope.

To answer your post question - villages vary, some have addresses and others don't, mine doesn't. If you're lucky someone will bring it to you, it could be anyone in the village unfortunately so it might be a while before you get it.

Hi Terri,,,don,t buy it,,,had a expat friend buy via online auction,,nothing like photo,s online,,,full renovation to repair,,you have to visit & view to buy,,,,Every property has a full postal address,,if agents say they have,nt,,stay away from agent,,,,,,,Post has to be collected from local post office,,,,no postmen here haha,,,,,,,,you can pick a bargain here,,,,just be very carefull,,,try estate agent i gave you,,,,,,,,eddie

eddieg :

Hi Terri,,,don,t buy it,,,had a expat friend buy via online auction,,nothing like photo,s online,,,full renovation to repair,,you have to visit & view to buy,,,,Every property has a full postal address,,if agents say they have,nt,,stay away from agent,,,,,,,Post has to be collected from local post office,,,,no postmen here haha,,,,,,,,you can pick a bargain here,,,,just be very carefull,,,try estate agent i gave you,,,,,,,,eddie

I'm sorry Eddie, but that is totally incorrect what you say about staying away from agents stating no postal address. I happen to live in a village which has exactly that issue, and on my ID I have no address only the name of the village and postcode.
The mayor said that there was a chance to get addresses in the village some years ago, but the villagers would have to pay, they all declined of course. I know our village is not the only one.

You may be lucky to have street numbers and a house number, but we have nothing at all in our village and it's not a small village either, it's just how it is and there is a post lady who pops our post in our letter box on our gate.
It is not unusual at all.

I agree with Eddie though, you shouldn't buy without viewing the property, but more importantly the area because it could be next to a pig farm for all you know, or the village may not have any amenities. You can change the house but not the village so buyer beware.

I bought 2 houses of E-bay, one I was happy with and kept and the other I was not so I  was able to decline to the agent, OK cost me £500 deposit which is reality I think if I  would have viewed in advance I'd have not bought the latter one and lost £500, but E-bay is an auction site, and if you are looking at the price of your house and thinking " bargain!!" then for you it is a gamble worth looking at, I have spent money with a local builder renovating my house and it has been worth the effort for me.
If you see a little bit of excitement for a small amount of money then go for it!
(What I would look into is it's location regards Airports & transport give yourself an idea of how long it takes to get there?)
I can fly from UK 3hrs say then a 3 to 4hr hour drive across to the house, but once I'm there I'm the king of my castle :)
Regards Steve.

Hi Steve,

thanks for your input, I am glad i am not the only 1 who is crazy lol. To be honest for the amount of money we have paid for the property it's worth the gamble, we are both realistic and know that there are going to be big jobs that will need doing to the place but that hasn't put us off in any way.
We both have a sense of adventure and a gsoh which i think we are going to need. Sometimes you just have to take chances in life otherwise i know we will regret it if we don't. We are looking forward to the challenge and hopefully the start of a new life in the not to distant future... Terri and Iain

I have to admit, we did buy our first house blind (not on ebay though) ;) The agent (who I now work for) already showed me about 100 pictures of it then I asked him to get more for me to show me if the garden was south facing lol so he took another 100 for me, so when I got to see it there were no surprises and it was indeed south facing and a lovely house (once renovated), and luckily it was in what has turned out to be one of the nicest villages in the area and we spent 8 very happy years there. So it was a small amount of money well spent.

I hope you will be as fortunate Terri and Iain.  :top:

Hi Breyambol.

Another 1 who is crazy like us lol. I think that maybe crazy is good :) and that's really nice to hear yours has worked out. We are both very excited about it all. The property we have bought is in Veliko Turnovo so it would be great if any of you guys could point us in the right direction of builder merchants, diy stores, soft furnishing. electral goods and furniture stores would be great we don't even mind buying 2nd furniture...Terri and Iain

In addition to that--- my in-law's apartment in Varna (actually in the city, not a nearby village) has no street address- just the neighborhood, the name of the building and the zip code. We usually have people write our phone number on our mail so the post office can call us when we have mail.

So-- yes, there are definitely places without street addresses.


we used VT Properties for the Veliko Tarnovo region.  Efficient, (slightly brusque), charged what they said they would and yes it was probably more than some charge but they did all of the translation, official, bank paperwork.  We had an English speaking solicitor (notary).

Yantra were charging double VT's fees and Stara Planina Properties were cheaper.  I've recently come across Centruy Homes who have a great selection but I have no experience of dealing with them

We were looking at the budget end of the market so it was a balance between area and house/land.  We did pretty well even with a complete renovation on our hands.


If you are looking for real estate in or around Sofia, I will be more than happy to help. No contracts, nothing upfront.
If you are looking elsewhere, it gets a lot more tricky- I would advice you to avoid the major brokers like Remax/Yavlena and so on, since they're only interested in getting their commission.

best regards

What area are you looking in?

I would just like to add,,, If you are looking in the VT area, There is only one place to go and that is IDEAL HOMES the manager is Veselin Valchev.
He started by picking us up from the airport, helping us to reclaim our two dogs from the cargo terminal and arranging a rental at a good price
We came over to Bulgaria 4 weeks ago and "Ves"  has been absolutely fantastic. He makes everything easy. And nothing is to much trouble.  Besides being taken around lots of properties, he has helped with opening bank accounts, transfer of car ownership, and even took us shopping on a few occasions
We have just completed the paperwork for a property, which we are now the proud owners of. All went so easy which is all down to him.

Even though the house purchase is all completed, he continues to help us. He constantly helps others who have previously bought properties with him for no fee,

Trustworthy, honest and so helpful

We came to Bulgaria not really knowing much about anything only what we have read on forums.

We cannot praise Ideal Homes enough   (although I have tried lol)


Hello Gadge,

If you are satisfied with the service provided by this professional, could you please recommend your contact in the Real estate in Bulgaria section of the business directory ?

This will surely benefit members who are looking for a reliable professional and who might not have read this thread.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Terri,
Did you buy the house in the end? I am beginning the process now and would love to know how you got on.

We bought our house via Bulgarian Properties office in Stara Zagora.  For the title deed we and the seller of the house went to the notary they advised.  This is all about 8 months ago and we did not encounter any trouble.  The seller and we had no complaints, everything was handled smoothly and in an honest way.

Hello Trina.

Sorry for the delay in replying.

I bought my house ages ago now. All went very smoothly and I moved to live in the village of Malki Chiflik near Veliko Tarnovo last June.

So how far have you got with your adventure?


im so glad to see others planning their BG adventure and im not hoping to come over in spetember and begin looking at areas...maybe VT, pavlikeni, and south bulgaria. can anyone suggest particular areas / agents in the south?

It does all depend on what you're looking for, but you might give the South East a try.

Thanks BREyambol.  Can you recommend any particular areas or villages? I'm looking for areas where I can not only get to know the locals but also has ex pats nearby? My budget is modest: around the €12000 mark.


Thanks BREyambol.  Can you recommend any particular areas or villages? I'm looking for areas where I can not only get to know the locals but also has ex pats nearby? My budget is modest: around the €12000 mark.

How far are you happy to be from the airport/sea or is that not an issue for you?
Yambol is about an hour on the highway, and we have a good expat community here if you want it.
Sliven also very good for facilities and expats, and Elhovo though a little further inland.

I can pm you some suggestions if you like?


That would be fabulous thank you.  I'm not too fussed about being near the coast...I'm looking for a rural property so I can enjoy the scenery, have some peace, grow some veggies and fruit etc. An area with ex pats would be welcomed so I can make friends and learn from them, along with getting to know the locals too. I'm aware having not yet travelled to Bg I am 'looking blind' and that some villages are very nearly empty....I don't want that.

A PM would be most welcomed thank you:)

By the way, airport distance...I'm planning to hire a car when I  come over...

I've just requested to add you as a contact.

Hiring a car is a great way to see a bit of the country.

ive added you thanks  :thanks:

I've tried to pm you MINKYMOOTOO but you have your messages set to disabled.  :(

I'll go and have a tinker now.....thanks for letting me know :)

Hi looking at the webb site ,we are coming over on the 21st Sept for a week getting a hire car at sofia airport and have booked hotel in Yambol for a few days info or help on this would be nice thats if you can .Thank you john-rita

There is a large Ex Pat community in and around Veliko Tărnovo and plenty of places of interest and culture in the area as well.
Property is relatively cheap and with the future plans of Hemus Highway and the Gorna airport hopefully coming to fruition in a few years now is a good time to buy.

Hiya John and Rita,

Are you coming to Yambol to look for property to buy or just to have a look around?
What information would you like to know?

We're one of the leading estate agents in the South East, based Yambol town, and are happy to help in any way we can.

Best regards,

Hi can i ask which one are you please. john

Hi John
They are
we are using them as I mentioned on your other post

Bulgarian Real Estate based in Yambol :)

we have been looking on your webb site.john /rita

Frank can you PM me with your info so far please.we thinking if we buy a house HOW safe is it when we are in the UK as we are looking for a holiday home.john/rita

If you need any help or advice at all then don't hesitate to ask John and Rita.

When you say how safe, do you mean to buy, to live here?

Hi, NO as a holiday home how safe to leave when we are back in the U.K. As lots of people are saying a out brake in,s, someone as just said about a friend of is had three in less than 6years,and I know we would Not what that.
Have been thinking about an apartment??? But if we go that way we need min 2bedroons.

The sea no on a mountain no in City no   So where do we look?
Regards john-Rita

Maybe you can consider a house sitter during the time when you are going to be away.
I can unfortunately say that an empty house is a sitting target to anyone who is wanting to see whats inside.
My last visit to my house this month I was greeted to a hole in the bottom of the door the house is empty but that still didn't stop some opportunist Sh#t!!!
Few years before that a window was taken out, and another time when a window was supposedly left open by a builder putting floorboards in. (floorboards in boiler out!!)
I think that I am at fault here though it is my house and my responsibility to secure it.
I first invested in mobile security patrols that due random sweeps of the area I put window locks on that prevented one issue but the panel of the upvc door being kicked in was something I had no answer to, unless I'm waiting on the other side with a cricket bat and smash it over anyone wanting to visit!!!

Without electric connected I cannot fit an alarm, cameras, alerts etc... I have no electric because some toe rag decided to pull out my re-wire..
I'm painting a bleak but truthful picture, maybe you can befriend neighbors to watch it, install cctv, alarms and patrols, my personal view is this unless occupied it's a potential sitting duck people might tell you there are areas that are safer but a common thief or opportunist isn't exactly static so can easily travel.
Regards Steve.

worldlywanderer :

It is important to understand the difference between Bulgarian law and the law In England or in Scotland, which while they have differences are largely the same. In the UK solicitors acting for each party handle the conveyancing and may under the rules of their profession only represent the buyer or the seller. In Bulgaria solicitors may act for both parties.

In the UK the property transaction is recorded by government departments in England or in Scotland after they are notified of the transaction by the solicitors involved. The sellers solicitor will record the discharge of a mortgage the buyers the new mortgage and the change of ownership. In Bulgaria only a notary, who is a paid government official, may notify the Property Agency of the change of ownership and only he may ratify the deed confirming the change of ownership.

His role is, however, strictly limited. He must ensure that both parties understand the document he is ratifying and he must ensure the transaction is in line with he law. He has no responsibility to advise either party on the contract. Neither does he have any responsibility to confirm the legal status of a property. It is entirely possible to purchase a property in Bulgaria which is illegal and could, in extreme cases, be demolished at the expense of the owner. The transaction may be entirely legal and legally correct but the property completely illegal.


It is not illegal to represent a buyer and a seller in a transaction and hold no legal qualifications. Only advocats who are registered with the national body, easily found on-line, have the legal qualifications and insurance to be held to account if they do not represent clients correctly. It is possible to employ highly professional English speaking solicitors from major practices in Sofia to represent one anywhere in Bulgaria for as little as £350. A small price compared to the loss of a fully renovated and furnished property which is unlikely to cost less than £30,000 even in Bulgaria.

Remember, however, that it is the responsibility of the client to instruct the solicitor properly. If you do not ask the solicitor to check that the property is legal in every way he may not do so and have the perfectly valid excuse that he was not employed to do so. Buying a property in Bulgaria is a different prospect to doing the same thing in our highly regulated society. Nobody in Bulgaria is bothered about whether an immigrant makes a mistake purchasing a property, just like one may find in the UK.

Caveat Emptor still applies in Bulgaria to an extent unknown in the UK in decades. It is a liberating feeling to be totally responsible for ones own actions but it does place a responsibility on the individual to research and learn before acting.

Well written, and Spot on... Buyer beware especially of Estate agencies, I wouldnt trust any of them lol.

I personally don't trust any Bulgarian Estate agencies.. or any British ones for that matter,    Best to deal with the owners of properties direct, there are no shortage of Translators.. we know a good one she is Russian and she does our Taxes for us.

We know we can trust her 100 percent. 

We know Bulgarian lawyers who cant be trusted so we use an English speaking Notary who is in our town in Vidin. 

Always to take people with a pinch of salt and maybe ask others if they have ever used them, join them on face book and maybe watch their posts you will soon become aware of what the person is like, good old face book ! it comes in handy for some things.

If you are ever approached by a lady called Deb Stone or Paula and Nick Stone steer well clear of them.. they have been done for Fraud in the UK in a Crown court in Ayelsbury already and have ripped of numerous Brits.

Trust your gut instinct, we have been here 9 years now and now we know who to deal with and whom not to deal with.  We are well seasoned so to speak hahaha

Hi all, have you more info for us at all please keep it coming it all helps. john-rita

PS:BREYambol.we are looking to buy we hope.

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