Al Jazeera Compound?

Hey I was wondering if somebody living in Riyadh could help me out?

Firstly, does anybody have the contact details for Al Jazeera Compound near Al Jazeera supermarket?

Secondly, does anybody know anyone living on this compound and what it may be like?



I work right right next to Al Jazeera Compound, I can stop on my way and get u the contact details if you still need it.

Please any answer for Jazeera compound


It's a nice compound and I've lived and been inside from 2012 until 2014, I would prefer it for really open minded people as they do a lot of events and invite people from outside.

There was a lady from Lebanon called Zaina but I am not sure if she still there

You can conclude as pretty much great compound a bit expensive as that time but ideal in terms of location

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