Looking for a job in Manila

Hi everyone,
I am Vietnamese who have experience in sale, marketing online, technical support and affiliate program.  Please let me know if you guys know any job openings.

Thank you and wish you a Happy Lunar New Year.


Hi and welcome to the forum nguoiradi!

Have you already tried posting an advert in the Manila jobs section?
It could have been a good start.

Expat.com Team

Hi Armand;

Thanks for your advice .


hello there..if your into a technical support then? there are lots of it here in mnila..just try to search using your google and things would be fine with you here in manila.pls try to check convergys,sykes,teleperformance and eperformax for some call center job..

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I am an Indian having 7 years of experience in KPo and US Medical Billing RCM. Could you please advise how to locate a job in philippine and what are tge VISA formalities.

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