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Hi I am Irbaz from English teacher in Jeddah... I have done MS in Applied Linguistics. I am interested in research and solving problems related to English language skills..besides, also wanna make new friends as I am new here and came just 3 months back...who would like 2 b my friend here......????

Hello irbazkhan,

Please note that a new topic has been created with your post on the Jeddah forum for more visibility and for more interaction with the other members. :)

Maybe if you tell us more about yourself, the members will know more about you and want to be your friend. ;)

So how do you find Jeddah?

Thank you,

Priscilla team


i wanna be ur friend

hello im a new member liviing in jubail.

I hope to be you,r friend
my email: me.manhood[at]

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