Live and work in Cambodia

It has become more than a thought by now, which is to work and live in Cambodia.
I haven´t decided yet, whether to run my own business or to look for employment, wondering whether it is difficult to find a job.
The only experience I have by now how it feels like to live in an asian country in Vietnam, where i got along perfectly.
My idea is to stay for two years in Cambodia (Sihanoukville), working for a hotel, guest house, travel agency or whatever to cover the monthly costs.
Does anybody have a good advice how to proceed?

I would suggest you come visit for a few months first before making the decision to actually live in Cambodia. You may find you are unable to find suitable employment and you may not even like it here (its totally different to Vietnam).

Do you have experience in hotel work? Do you know that the salary of a hotel worker in Cambodia will hardly keep you in beer and that you may work a 6 or 7 day week?
If you are ok to work for food and board then fine; khmer guesthouse/hotel workers earn about $100 a month plus food/board. If you have skills, maybe a good job at a 5* hotel would be possible, but if not, why would they pay you more than a local?
Definitely visit first and see for yourself; as rarky says maybe you won't even like living in S'ville...or Cambodia...

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