How to resign from existing job???


I hope anyone could help me in my current situation. I started to work with my current employer dated 30th July 2016 and ended my contract last year 2018 but when i went home for my vacation same year they asked me to sign a renewal of contract for another 2 years. Now the problem is, i have tendered my resignation last december 20 2018 and my mistake is that i have not send it by post i just sent it by email. They did accept my resignation for a reason that i have no replacement by that time and we are doing computerization so they asked me to extend and because i want to give them a consideration i agreed to stay but this agreement is only verbal. Then now i again sent resignation letter and this time i sent it by post office to make it legal. When they received the resignation they said this is not acceptable bcoz of the verbal agreement we have from previous and they said that i am still under their contract and they said if i will leave their company they will make trouble and give me problem. Now im a little bit worried bcoz they are threatening me and i dont want to lose the opportunity to transfer to a new job..please help me what shall i do.

Thank you so much

You have resigned. Go to ministry of labour and file a case saying that employer is not accepting resignation. Then go to lmra and share with them these details so that the employer doesn't mark you as runaway.

There is no such thing as verbal agreement.

Thank you for the quick reply. Is there any possibilities that they can block me bcoz thats what my employer is saying since i have not yet finished the 2 yrs renewal contract.

If you are on their visa and it hasn't been cancelled, they can put you as runaway which leads to a ban.  If the visa has been cancelled there is nothing they can do.

Yes i am still under their VISA and will be expiring on Aug 11 and regarding to runaway case i have speak to LMRA also and they have mentioned that employer cant file a runaway case as long as i dont have a 15 days consecutive absences from work.

Yes. But what I am telling you is that from your post, it seems like that you are not going to work.  So be aware and follow the steps I listed to document your resignation.

Thank you sir. I will follow the 30days noticed from the day they have received my resignation by post. I will stop working with them after 30days. And now they are asking me to sign a letter that my resignation is not acceptable and that i am not allowed to resign until we finish the software package which they want to implement and they need to find a replacement for my post. Can i refuse to sign this letter?

Yes you can refuse. And immediately take a copy of that letter and use it as evidence to file case with ministry of labour.

Yes sir i have a copy. What are the requirements needed to file a case in the ministry of labour? And After ive done all the legal process do they still have the power to make trouble and block me in bahrain or do u think of any possible cases they can file against me?

Just go to MOL with all documents that you have like contract, copy of post office resignation, the letter they are making you sign etc.

If you follow the process and do it, whatever they do, can be resolved.

Thank you so much.

Halo sir I've been in Bahrain 5 months ago I want to go back to India I don't like to work here I didn't like my company got a 2 year contract with me, can I leave the company in 5 months if I can go without annies please let me know. But if possible without any pay.

You can always resign and leave.  The law allows for that.  So don't get your specific question.

Sir, I sent the resign to my company giving a 30-day notice period. The company is saying you can't go without completing the contract period. He says, "If you have to go you have to give it 1000 BD to Company. He say the company has spent a lot of money to bring you here. I told him, "I will go to Ministry of labour" and he said, "You can go, we have no problem." they says the Ministry of Labour will also tell you that you cannot go without completing a 2-year contract. I just have to go to the India please give me suggestion what I can do.

Thanks sir

Go to the Ministry of Labor.  Your employer is mistaken.

Currently i am working in a company and now i got a new offer for better salary my employment contract needs  3 month notice for resighning  but my new employer wants an immediate joining
Is there any option for this.......???

Really?  in this thread we are discussing labour disputes.  Your problem doesn't fall under that category and as such, there is nothing in the labour law that will help you.  Tell your new employer to wait or work out some form of compromise with the old employer.  If you leave without serving notice, they are entitled to deduct that amount of salary from your end of service benefits as well as report you as absconding.

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