How to resign from existing job???

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I have Signed two years of Contract with My company,and i have completed successfully 15 Months and i received a offer letter in new company . I have forwarded resign letter to Hr.....But the Company is saying we will not accept.......Can u please guide me how to proceed...........I have listen that contract may be of two years,but after completion of 1 Year we can change company.....please guide me regarding.........My Friend saying that send Register Post to Hr and Submit the Receipt to LMRA....then at which location is LMRA and how   should i submit the only Receipt is Ok are i need to submit any oter documents.....please help me


Please read the below link, which should give you all the information you need.


Sir thank you for your reply.........My company guys still not acting on my resign letter and just they are saying you will not go...........Then What do u think i should do.........i have forwarded my resign on 1st nov via register post.........Should i need to do something more......please tell me Clear cut

Just inform this thing to your new company and if they are ok then join them and against your existing company talk with Lmra - E-Support

Here is link i hope that will help you how to handle this situation in Bahrain link

Hello, how to inform the LMRA? Os it thru letter or email or go to their office? Thanx


The best way would be to visit the LMRA office.


After 1 year u can change job without the consent of employer.  Just send resignation through registered post with pink card.  Hand over the card to new employer he will submit it with other documents when applying for ur visa transfer

Y pink card

Pink card u will fill n give which will be posted back to ur address after delivery the notice to employer.  U can use it as proof that u sent notice on this date

Hi am Roni here I have to ask you a question regarding lmra rules this is about my case I have been working in Bahrain for the last one year and now I have decided to go back when I spoke with my HR about this he said I will have to pay for the visa charges as my contract was for 2 years can you plz advise if this is correct as  I feel this is wrong

roni, you can call the lmra hotline, and they will give a good solution

Am sorry do u have there contact number

are you a pilipino? you can check there hotline on internet or you can go lmra sehla branch direct and they will give you a good protection

No am a Indian keralite anyways thanks for your help God bless you

They r lying. The got visa fee refund if u do transfer from one job to other. But u may have to pay penalty for breaking the contract

Am more than 7 years in Bahrain in same company . But I want to change my company . Please tall me what I can do ..***

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If you dont want to exit Bahrain, you can search for a new job first, once you find a new job out ask your old employer to release you (apply for mobility) and move to the new one.

Good luck


Good morning.. i worked 2 years my last company when my visa finised in 6jan. i take local transfer but  stil they not given my salary so what i should be that company my basic salary 90BD there my all annual leaves pending. So pls. Can u suggests me how much my Totel money in that company..

Your end of service should include unpaid salary, unpaid leave salary and indemnity as per the labor law.  Approach the Ministry of labor and file a complaint to get your rights as per the labor law.

Hi sir i want to know from you that if anyone wants to switch to another company after 1 month is it possible to do so ?

susheel kumaar :

Hi sir i want to know from you that if anyone wants to switch to another company after 1 month is it possible to do so ?

More details needed.  Are you on probation in current job?

Yes sir, there is six months probation period.

You can resign.  Just make sure from your contract that you don't have any clauses that require you to pay anything to the employer.   Agree on the visa transfer with them or ask them to cancel - whichever works for you.  Do everything in writing and get acknowledgement of the same.

There was a clause something like that in emergency if you want to go home before 1 year then will have to pay 500BD .so now main concern is that if I resign then can they terminate me ? or can black list me from the country or what can happen against me if they don't agree.

They can potentially get the 500 BD. They can't blacklist you if you document your resignation and have proof. Better consult ministry of labour before resigning.

Not clear what you are asking.

If you have resigned and they accepted, what is the problem?

What does your contract say about resignation within one year? Ie does it say you have to pay them?

Then you don't.  Involve Ministry of labour and LMRA if there are any problems.

I do not have an employment agreement with my current employer and have completed 1 year of service and have resigned from my current job. I have asked my employer to do my final settlement recently.My employer comes  up with a rule wherein i need to pay back 1 year of my visa fee.Is it mandatory??? There is no agreement and they are harassing me.

Sorry there is no agreement with my current employer only an offer letter

You don't have to pay them anything. But you would need to file a complaint at the ministry of labor to resolve this.

Thanks....actually this is my maiden assignment with an highly unprofessional company

So basically i need to take my final settlement to the lmra and file a complaint against the company

Read what I wrote. This is ministry of labour matter not lmra.

Hello Sir,

Just need some advice on what are the consequences in case I go out in Bahrain without proper resignation on my company and transfer in other GCC countries for a new job.
My contract states that I need to render 3 months provision for resignation. But the opportunity waiting on me in other country needs me within a month only.
So I plan not to resign, and leave the country directly.
Hoping that you could provide a piece of advice regarding on this matter.

Thank you and looking forward for your continues support.

Your employer can mark you as absconding which will lead to a  labor ban.  You will have difficulty getting visas or working in Bahrain again in the medium term.

Secondly, the GCC countries already share criminal ban data i.e. if someone has a criminal record in one GCC country, they would not get a visa in another.  They have reached agreement for doing the SAME for labor bans - it has not been implemented yet.  But when it is (and no way of knowing exactly when), you could end up facing problems in all of GCC.

Hi everyone, please help me. I working here in bahrain for almost 1 and half year now. I wanted to resign and just go home to philippines due to verbal abuse and emotional abuse im getting from my boss. But i dont know how to do it without causing any problem. Specially paying huge amount. Same as what he did from previous employee who resigned also. Please kindly help and enlighten me. Thank you

We have discussed this topic many times on this forum.  You need to send resignation via registered mail and retain pink slip.  In case of any issue from your boss, immediately file a complaint with the Ministry of Labour.

What if he ask for huge payment.

Read what I wrote.  File a complaint with Ministry of labor then.  As per labor law, you don't have to pay him anything.

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