I need help. Looking for English speaking test proctor near Sousse.

I am an American College student living in Sousse. I am finishing up my diploma online. I am taking a mathematics class and I need to find an English speaking professor to administer two exams. My American professor will email my exam and I just need a professor to watch me take it. I am willing to pay for the service. Any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you!

Hi there,

When the exam will take place?


The first week of March and the first week of May.

Sorry for the first week of March, but for the 1st week of may i can assist.

I mean i can help you for the exam that will be done in May but not in the one in March, as i am not in Tunisia and i will be back to Sousse as of April, so i can gladly help you with this.



Try this number. She is a professor (I think) and head of languages here in Tunis and has private schools in Sfax and Tunis. She's my boss. Her name is Mdm Salwa.  No guarantees, but she might be willing, she's very nice. Mention my name (Matt).
Hope this helps.  :)

(Actually, inbox me for the number..)

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