What is the duration of Final Exit Visa ? Need your updated advice

Dear All,

I need your help. Please provide me your updated feedback on my issue.

I am planning to go on Final Exit Visa. My iqama will expire on 4 June  2014 ( According to Arabic calendar on 06-08-1435)

I will be informing my sponsor/company to stamp final exit on my passport by May 25, 2014 ( last week of May )

Due to some unavoidable reasons I need to stay in K.S.A until July 20, 2014. I have heard that Final Exit Visa is issued with a validity of 60 days or two months.

My question is ---

(1) Suppose if my sponsor submit my passport to the Jawazatt before the expiry of my Iqama which is June 4 , 2014, will the 60 days period or two months validity by law be counted from the date of stamping of Final Exit Visa or will it be counted from Date of Expiry of Iqama ?

(2) If the Jawazat stamps Final Exit Visa on my passport before expiry of my residence permit (iqama), will I be eligible to stay legally for another 60 days in K.S.A after expiry of my Iqama ( I mean can I stay upto August 4 , 2014 ) and leave/exit the country safely before the expiry of the two month or 60 days period ?

(3) Can I travel safely and legally ( by air & land ) in K.S.A during this two month period with my passport ?

You can also email me your replies at borntowin13[at]yahoo.com

I will be waiting eagerly to hear from your end.

Thanking you in advance

Wishing you to have a better job than what you are leaving now, I make final exit before and the scenario like the following:
1- The final exit gives you 60 days starting from issuance your final exit day, it is not related at all to your Iqama expiry date.
2- I heard that you can keep your Iqama with you when your employer make final exit, but in my days no, they took my Iqama and gave me final exit paper.
3- If you have Iqama or not, once you got the final exit paper, this original paper will be your new identity in Saudi, in addition to letter from your employer stamped from chamber of commerce and your old Iqama photocopy, you can travel across the kingdom, sell your car, and even if you found a job, with acceptance of your current employer, he can discard your final exit and move your Iqama.

Wishing the best for you friend.

Thank you for your comments.

But, I need more clarification on question no. 1 & 2 . Please go through it once again.

Awaiting your reply.


Q1- The date of stamping of Final Exit Visa
Q2- No, once they stamp your final exit, you will have 60 days to leave Saudi, regardless your Iqama expiry date, even if it will expire after two years or two days

Thank you

That means,
After getting final exit visa, I can legally stay in K.S.A until  August 4 , 2014........... (even though my iqama expires  on June 4 , 2014 ) ....... Right sir ?????

One more question sir,

Do we need to request Jawazat for allowing this additional 60 days ??

Or is it automatically given by the Jawazat ( I mean is it a normal process by Jawazat to issue additional 60 days to leave the country, irrespective of the Iqama expiry date)  when we submit our passport for final exit ?

Yes, if you stamped final exit on 4 June, this means you can stay up to 4 August ( 60 days ).

It is by default 60 days, unless you have a property in your name like apartment, villa or land, then it will be four months.

if you found a job, with acceptance of your current employer, he can discard your final exit and move your Iqama.

need more detail pleaze

I got an idea with this thread that would apply to my current employment situation.

My employer of more or less 3 months agreed to issue me an exit as per probationary period, since we don't like each others idea on running their operations. Now they only issued me a sort of temporary iqama.

My question is, if my would be new employer can process my iqama using my current visa without the consent of my employer which already process my exit?

I badly need an appropriate answer on my query. Thank you
please if not much demanding to all of you kindly email your advices/answer at i***

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What do you mean by this? Even ur iqama expired or not u need to leave saudi for example of the expirstion of exit visa is jan.15  you need to go bfore jan 15? Please answer my question guys.

Can a Saudi Expatriate with dependents FINAL EXIT KSA, before his dependents, so that they can avail the 60 day grace period from the date of issue of exit visa?

  I want to take exit visa from my sponcer and also for my family I will take exit visa... but iqama expire on 14 July 2018. Time gap is only 2 months can I get exit visa for me and my family...
   Please suggest

Assalamu Alaikum friends
One of my friend iqama was expired on 24th of March. He is in Riyadh and planning to go back to India. Anyone assist me regarding this what is the procedure ?

Dear sir,

I would like to know that my iqama is already Expired my sponsor can make Final Exit or huroob?

Der all,
I would like to ask something about my exit. Imy company already issued an exit visa for me i inform them not to provide a ticket for me coz i will not going back to my country. But then my employer insisting me to go back home and then go to whenever country i want to go to. My question is will he can monitored my presence in the kingdom if i will not use the ticket that he provided me because im aftaid that if he found out that i didnt use the ticket he might cancel my exit. Please answer me thank u

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