Basic Costing for people coming to Live in Dar

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hello everyone. i got an offer from st. johns medical university, dar-es-salaam for post of asst prof. recruiter told me salary vould be INR 1,00,000 (USD 1622) in hand vithout deduction + USD 100 (some alloance i dont remember) + USD 500 for bachelor accomodation (or USD 700 for family accom) + some health and other aloances. in addition he said he'll pay INR 50,000 (USD 811) for air travel. he didnt tell me clearly vether air travel is paid yearly or 2 yearly.

please tell me is this a good offer or not?

The offer as presented by you seems a little vague and really says nothing and opens you to being exploited once you arrive.
  You need to get a contract document sent to you outlining exactly what you are getting so you can make an informed decision. This should state,

Salary, tax paid amount 
Visas / work permit paid for by employer
Work hours
Any over time payment
Medical insurance cover and exactly what does this cover you for.
Flights home paid on a yearly basis by the employer at his cost not yours as air fares rise each year
How much paid leave each year
Accommodation allowance or accommodation provided
Food allowance
Transport provided or an allowance paid 

I suggest that you look at thos website to give you an idea of the cost of living
Also read through other posts on this section of the forum for information.

Hi I am a general dentist by profession and  I have been recently offered a job in dar es salaam . Following are the job details :-

  Salary: 3500 USD + Accommodation, Transport, Health benefits, Airfare to home country (once in two years)

I dont have much idea about dar es salaam.  I will be leaving alone in dar es salaam. I will be leaving a simple lifestyle . I do not drink or smoke . What is your advice about the offer ? And  are their any additional questions that I need to ask the employer ?
Your early response will be highly appreciated.

Hi I m new to this blog. I m from India and I will be working in Arusha, Tanzania very soon. Recruiter has offered me salary package of $850 US Dollar out of which $150 US Dollar will be my local salary in Arusha, Tanzania. Apart from this they are offering me Bachelor Independent accommodation, utility charges, medical for self, local transportation, mobile reimbursement, air ticket once in every 2 years. The thing is that company isn’t offering me food so I m wondering how much will be my food expense per month. Whether I will have to prepare my own food or will I have to join some mess (the one who supplies food in bulk). I m not good at cooking food so I m planning to join some mess with good quality of food preferably Indian food on monthly basis. Can anyone tell me that how much will I have to spend on my monthly food? Which option would be better cooking my own food or outside mess? Pls give me rough idea so that I will prepare my mind
Thanks in advance

Thanks, ankishinha. It is very useful. can you give me the latest food prices?
I plan to go to Tanzania, Morogoro. The company says the prices are cheap there.
can u give me some info in this place.


Hi Pankaj
Trust u are doing well,Iam planning to take up an assignment with an MNC in Dar .iam offerred Usd 6000 net of taxes car.Balance will be mine.Can u pl revert on the foll
1 Cost of two bedroom flat in indian compound for a budget of 600-800 usd

Can i get a good compund at this cost and also i have loved in Africa for he past 5 yrs and iam aware that second hand furniture/Indians leaving sell off good furniture (llike in kenya we have expat furniture offerring cheap good indian second hand furniture) are these available
Request ur advice

Hello Thanks for the info.

One question: the furniture is expensive over there, its possible to furnishe a house with 3 rooms, diining , siting room and electronics for $10000,00 usd?

Best Wishes


Did u get any feedback regarding your questions on your email?
If yes, can u kindly share here or with me tnma2009[at]

isn't 1 USD = TSh 22300?

Hi. I have got a job offer from Company at Zanzibar. Below are some of my questions
1. Company is not providing House Maid so wanted to ask can I get House maid for full time in 120000 Shillilngs which covers all work like Cooking, Cleaning, Washing etc.
2. My Wife is a Science Graduate so can she work there and support our living.

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