looking for a job as a canyoning guide

Hello everyone,

I'm a ICOpro level 1 canyoning instructor. Does anyone know any jobs in this area? I'm also a CMAS divemaster and scientific diver. I can speak English and Spanish fluently. Unfortunately just a bit of French but very eager to learn.

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Hi Luis,

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To know more about job vacancies in Reunion Island, i think that a google search about recruitment websites in Reunion Island can be a good start. ;)

Also note that there is the Jobs in the Reunion Island section which is available, you may drop your CV there to raise your chances too.

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Expat.com team

Hi Luis

If you go to the Reunion tourism website reunion.fr (it has an English version) and search for 'canyoning' it will bring up a list of canyoning operators who IMO you should contact individually to see if they have any job vacancies.
As far as diving is concerned I recently talked to an Australian here who's a PADI dive instructor but he told me he's been unable to find work because dive clubs won't hire you if you don't have the French FFESSM qualification, but you might want to check that.
Have you been to Reunion before? Don't wait to come to learn French - you can't get by here (personally or professionally) if you don't speak French.


Hello all,

Thank you very much for your replies. I will look into what you suggested me and hope to find something in the meantime.

Catharine, thanks for the advise regarding the need to speak French beforehand. I will look into that also.

Best regards,

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