Bahrain work Visa not cancelled while exiting the country

You can go to Bahrain, but if they find out your not working with the employer who issued you the visa, they will send you back from Airport.

My company sent me to india because they never paid the salary for me and the not even take care iam in sick. During that time my company informed me you go to india after one month we will cancelled your visa but the company didnt cancell my visa in that time another company gave me an offer. I asked to my previous company (the company which sent to india) they said we wont pay the monthy fees so its like be cancelled but my visa status is valid employment visa my new sponsor take all responsible for me they said if it is possible to make transfer means i will pay the pending monthy fees and make transfer . That my question is in that condition what can i do but i had a good opportunity how can i join in that company
My previous company didnt pay my salary and i pay the visa charge of 175BD for one year visa for compensation and return ticket is my amount if any way for join in that new company please inform and replied me sir pls

no issue when u gone to india in between you sponsor has cancelled the visa .but if you want to comeback  means just check on what  basis they cancelled the because ran away  they cancelled you  then u can't back.

I work 2.5. Months in bharine than i come back to indai bcoz emergency problem .company has cancelled by visa company also stamped (cancelld) on my visa .
Question...i want to know is their any problem for getting visa from other gulf country

No issue.

Visa not valid or visa cancelation both are different or same? If visa not valid still live in bahrain or they should make me blacklist? Please reply soon

Don't post on multiple threads. And it is the same thing practically ie you no longer have a valid visa. Irrespective of how it came to be.

I would like to ask a doubt regarding bahrain work visa. I was working in bahrain in 2014-15 and left bahrain in 2015 without cancelling visa. Now am in Oman and got a better offer from Bahrain. Since I was not cancelled my previous bahrain visa, will that make any problem in applying for new visa.
When I checked in LMRA website using my old personnel number and passport it’s showing no record exists. Can u pls advise?

Check if your employer cancelled it or reported you as absconding. Call lmra.  If latter then it's a problem..

Thank you for the reply. If i call LMRA and give my passport number will they provide the details?

My prospective employer took passport copies and Oman ID and license two weeks back and 10 days later they said everything is clear and informed me to proceed with resignation from current employer. Can they check my eligibility to get visa in advance?

It seems they checked. But you can put your mind at ease by calling about your previous visa.

Ok. I will check with LMRA tomorrow.

One more doubt. Can they (my prospective employer) apply for Bahrain visa while am in Oman? Or do I need to go back india and do GAMCA medical and then they have to do visa processing?

They can apply, no need to go back.

Within how many days after visa issued, I must arrive at bahrain? I have to complete 3 moths notice period in Oman.

The days will be on the visa. Usually within 60 days.

Dear Friends, I'm new to this forum and i recently got my work visa and residency permit due to landing job at a firm in bahrain. First things first, I myself paid for the visa as the employer asked me to do it in the first year and the next year they said they'll pay for it. As per my research now , I think that was illegal and i shouldn't have paid for that right? Anyways That being done. Its almost a month now, I have got my cpr, i got my driving license too but now I'm sick of the job already. So i just wanted to ask, If i resign in the probation period (with 1 day notice) Am i entitled to get my salary for the days i have worked? Secondly If the employer cancels my visa, does that mean my cpr and my driving license will expire too? (Because I am hoping to take an exit and come back through visit visa) Thirdly, when the employer will get reimbursed for the visa costs by the government, That's actually my money, Will i be legally getting that back too?
Please take some time out of your busy schedule to guide me on this matter. Really looking forward to getting answers. Thanks.

Already responded to you.  Don't make multiple posts and send private messages copying / pasting the same message.  It is rude.

Sorry sir

Hi sir
  I have entry visa for kuwait but i offered job from bahrain but for visa process i can not resister gamca portal as my medical held in oct 19. So suggeste me best. I want to join bahrain.

Your existing gamca is valid for Bahrain.  And you have entry visa not a resident visa. So you can always apply for a bahrain visa with existing gamca.

Sir but for visa processing medical employemnt form doctor sign is required so what tondo in this case

You should have hard copy of GAMCA report. It should work. Or ask employer to get you visit visa and then you go there, do medical inside Bahrain and get it converted to work visa.

In gamca medical its is mention that medical done for kuwait and medical fit form also mentioned that fit and travel country is kuwait

Doesn't matter. Same can be used. Online used to work so hard copy should also.

Salam to All,
                        I want to know that i was selected as Supervisor for a Company in Bahrain Name Quick Zebra Services. They made a contract with me in Pakistan because they conduct an interview in Pakistan. The agent advise me that you are selected and issued me a GEMCA Medial Slip which was done 07-12-2019. Now he advise me to wait the E-Visa will come. My question is that how many days it will take to issue a E-Visa from Bahrain Immigration as my medical is fit and all is done from my side. Appropriate answer will be highly appreciated.

This question has been answered hundreds of times by me.  In fact, to avoid answering it again and again, I put a sticky on the main page of the forum:

Do your research before asking the same question again.

Thanks for your help. Today i check the Status on LMAR website through my passport number it show this status "Valid Employment Visa" My name along with father name. Profession and company name. Can you guide me after that what is the process and how many days take more to issue me a visa.

Read the sticky.  Don't keep posting the same question on multiple threads again and again.

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