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Hello everyone! I want to move to Sri Lanka, and I want to know: If I get a residence visa,
1. Could I buy or rent a little land and build there my own house?
2. If I can do it, then, what documents I shall introduce and whom?
3. Could I start a little restourant or cafe business in part of my house ?
4. who is land owner in districts, district's administration or government, or private persons?     

Hope, you are understand what I want to do.... So, help me to realise my dream by your advices! Thank you!!!!!

Hi Narinenana
You can not buy a property here but you can lease.
You will have to meet the house owner and he will take you to the lawyer.
You can open a restaurant but you will have to get registered for opening a business.
Most lands are owned by private owners but to buy a land as a foreigner, you will have to follow some procedure and the leasing must be approved by the government.
Best regards! :)

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