Moving to finland

Someone please help! Where do I start in the planning of moving me and my family to finland?  I can't afford to buy and haven't yet got a job lined up, although I am currently training in the funeral industry here in England :)

No job to go to and a family to move there. A bit risky don't you think.

First priority would be to get a job
then accommodation and finally move your family over.

You should consider going there yourself to check the place out to see if you and your family will like it the long term.

Better get online and start checking things out like cost of living, jobs etc.

Yes have been with family and we all love it, I've got a 5 year plan of which I prob should of mentioned in previous post.  I don't think a 5 year plan is hasty, just trying to get the lay of the land , how is the job situation etc I'm not afraid of cleaning a few toilets either, any ideas of useful sites to find the info u suggest I look for. Thanks :)

As an EU citizen you will be eligible for Unemplyment benefit from KELA if you can sign up for language and integration studies, this is basic but should cover living costs expenses. Its not at all easy to find work here and any overseas qualifications and training will need to be validated and recognized by the Educational Department here first.
You should look at places to move to in the greater helsinki area, ie 50 km radius and you should contact the Finnish British Society to see if they can offer better advice.............Good luck

Thank you so much Andrewhoolan,this is all very helpful information of which i will be investigating. i would in an ideal world like to live in a rural location but understand this is not likely to be possible at first, i cant wait to start learning the very difficult Finnish language and learning more about the beautiful country, i will keep you updated with any progress. Thanks again :)

hope all th eplans are going well for you, just to say that even within 25 kms and less of helsinki there are many rural places to set up home, obviously the nearer to helsinki the more expensive it will be.........