Accommodation in Vienna

Hi everybody!

My name is Feliciana, I'm a 26 years old PhD candidate from Italy. I'm going to Vienna for a three months internship at the United Nations and I'm looking for accommodation in a share flat from January till March. 

I'm sociable and extroverted; I love living together with other people and sharing. I study international investment and environmental law, I have been travelling around since I graduated three years ago (I lived in Spain, Chile, Germany, the US and China) and now I am so looking forward for this new experience in Austria!

If anybody is interested please let me know!!!

Thanks a lot


Hi Feliciana,

Welcome to and thank you for this nice introduction :)

Concerning your accommodation request, i suggest you to post in the Shared accommodation in Vienna section please, it might help. :)

I also advise you to have a look to other accommodation websites on the internet. ;)

Best of luck,

Expat-Blog team

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