Expats in Vietnam receive same maternity leave?

Hi! I work in a (good, well-established) international school in Vietnam. I'm wondering if I'm legally entitled to receive the same maternity leave (4 months, paid full salary) as locals in Vietnam? The labour laws mention that foreigners are not allowed to pay social security, but it also says that social security covers the maternity benefits. I do pay the compulsory state insurance. I cant seem to find anything online relating to foreigners working here and receiving the same maternity benefits. Any ideas anyone? P.S. I'm new to this forum, so any advice would be great!!

As I may see:

- Health insurance is applied for foreigner, you will be covered a part of the fee but I guess it's not much...:)
- Maternity leave and full salary payment during the 6 months (4 months was applied in the former labor code) is covered by social insurance but you are not qualified to get it.

You are suggested to deal with your employer about this issue.

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