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Assalam u alikum and Hello everybody. i want to know if there is any course or diplomas offered in documentary making in Istanbul or any city in turkey. i was enrolled in TV & video Production program in United States but i never completed it, now i am doing my BA in journalism and political science and plan to do a Diploma or a certificate in documentary making. can any body will provide me with the info and i will prefer university or institute to be in English as i cant speak Turkish. Take care. Allah Hafiz  :) .

Hi qtoor,

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The best solution would be to contact the universities in Istanbul.

A little search on the internet might also be useful.

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Hasnaa Team

Actually i did some search online but couldn't find anything close to what i was looking for. Turkey has an awesome film industry, i was wondering if somebody can point out a local production houses, that will be great. i am looking into a short diploma course or a certificate, basically just want to refresh my skills, its been a while i worked on a project :(

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