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Hi all.just a question. Can I as a single man live in Santiago or Puerto Plata on a budget of 3000 per month

First welcome to the board. You will find some nice folks here with lots of information for you.  Where in Jersey?   I grew up in the Morris County area, then on to Kansas City for school,  then Colorado and for the last 7.5 years here on the north coast of the DR.

To answer your question.....Very easily and with a full lifestyle.

Bob K

Thanks for the input. Im actually a new Yorker currently living in Parsippany. .your neck of the woods!

Yep, spent lots of time in the Parsippany area.

Are you considering a move here?

Bob K

Welcome to the forums. I lived 7 years in Puerto Plata and you can live very nicely on that!

When are you planning to move? Why Puerto Plata?

Yes I am. Usually there 3 times a year. I love it.

Where do you usually stay?  (PP, Sosua, Cabaeret)
Any time table on the "move"

Bob K

Usually im in Puerto Plata. However I love the island as a whole. My timetable for move is within 1 to 2 years

Nice!  Let us know what other questions you may have!

Thanks  much!

Yes feel free to ask away

Bob K

If you have your house and vehicle paid you should be sitting pretty with that amount, cost of living index for dr is .58 in english that means if it cost u 1 dollar in the usa it will cost 58 cents in dr more or less, but it also depends if u live as a gringo or local.

That is about what we have found. Using mostly local products (only import we buy regularly is beef), we are living here for about 40% less then what it would cost us back in the USA.

Bob K

And for me a bit less then that.  I live for about 40% of what it cost me in Canada. I am in the capital so there pretty much is no  "gringa" premium! It still happens occasionally but for the most part no.

I think it is the electricity and gas that keeps us from getting any lower than 40% less expensive.

Bob K

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