Cycling groups in Erbil

Was a great friday. We will do it again on another routes.


Hi guys
How are you?
Lets ride on mountain and do some cool tricks! ;)
Is Someone knows nice off road routes for downhill riding in erbil?

Rashad  :)

I want to try this route, Start near "majidi mall" its just 50km to the point.

On Friday morning hope i find cool mountain for riding.
do u want to join?

I might join you Rashad!

How long do you think it is going to take us to go there and back?

Its 50 km to the point and take a rest there, then will back on shaklawa road, it maybe 40 km.

Morning ride tomorrow around 6 a.m. possible route Shaklawa, meeting point at Majidi Mall. Join if you want. Emergency call number ***

Check out this trail!
- (Friday ride) at #wikiloc


Mahmoud_ :

I am interested in climbing as well!

Mahmoud, you shall join the "Rock Ur Bones" group on Facebook. They organize hikes from Erbil almost weekly (on Fridays) and some are climbers too. Also do not forget there is a climbing wall at Sami Abdulrahmani Park, where they also organize climbing afternoons from time to time.
The Group is "closed": you shall visit the page and apply for admission. Nice people and a lot of fun!

It's a good group,
There is a kayaking & hiking event on friday at dukan lake  :top:
Let's join.

worthys3557 :

......... if anyone is interested in rock climbing I heard there are some bolted climbs within an hour of erbil near shaklawa. Or has anyone has heard if there is an indoor gym?

Why seeking for indoor climbing (horrible, just good for training) when there is a beautiful climbing wall at the park and there is thousands of real rock walls that just wait to be "opened"?

Hi guys,
Glad to find out about this blog! I ride my bike in Erbil on Fridays or Saturdays mornings? And I work for big international beverage industry company in Erbil. I also have consulting/service business as personal shopper for everything you cant find in Kurdistan I would bring it from abroad. I have a page on FB.  Anyways, I would love to ride with you guys on 31Oct. Or 1st Nov.

Thank you,


For all the cycling junkies out there. I have a Tacx Flow electronic spinning machine that I wanna sell. Never been used.
Please contact me on ++++ if you interested. Regards, Calie

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Hi Callie - is your Tacx Flow spinning machine still for sale? Not sure how to contact you....

Hi did you have that first ride and is this group still ongoing? I would be interested to join


could you advise where is the best place to buy a bicycle here in Erbil

Hey, :) what kind of bicycle you need?
and how much you pay for it? it depends what you need.

hi, rshadka, thanks for your questions and care, i have already bought a trek bike from family mall , and i'm enjoying it for the past couple of days.
now, its time to meet the bike community and have fun
so, where you guys meet and when?

hey, i just noticed that the last posts on this group goes back to 2015!!! where every one went since then??

who knows, it was for the bad situation in kurdistan region and peoples leave, actually I am back here in Erbil now.


great , it seems that it's only me and you for now that are interested in cycling, the only thing is my bike is not a mountain bike so i can only go on streets :(

its ok we can go on road. ;)

great, thanks, when and where can we meet and properly introduced., where do you live ?

I am living near Cihan apartments.

i'm in empire wing Apts. just across from dream city

and I am free after 7 pm and fridays.

great, so lets start tomorrow like 8 PM if OK, where shall we meet?

Good, opposite of erbil rotana at 8pm.

opposite Rotana Hotel from 100m road? or from back side ?

my number is ** lets talk at 8 pm

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hey, what happened ? got lazy😁 i overslept as well😊

hey I was tired actually.  :|

no worries, will catch up some other time


I have a mountain bike for daily rent, if anyone wants just text me in pv to know the terms.



Lets ride tomorrow evening around 5pm.
we can ride on Shaqlawa road or Kasnazan road or if you have another routes let others to know.


I am new to this website and I have just discovered this thread
I cycle lonely mostly on Friday because of my work, it will be nice to join a group / someone to cycle together.
My number is: ***, Text me or reply to me here if anyone / any group that I can join :)


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Also I am cycling lonely Fridays actually, :) good let's try. keep in touch.

and there is a facebook group:

Great, I will join the Facebook group and we will stay in touch

Hey, how is going?
who is ready for try cycling in cold weather?

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