paper or plastic?

If I meet a non Saudi women in Riyadh or surrounding and i talk to her will I get arreested by the religous police?

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Heh, I thought the topic was going to be completely different as the UK is going to be changing the fabric of its currency.

Yup. Deal with it  :cool:

your topic and question are quite non related. for your question i could say, if religious police catch you talking to a women, no matter she is saudi or non saudi, you would be in trouble. Unless she is related as ur wife or sister or mother. In some cases people been deported right away. Depends on who catches you. So be safe, better to meet someone in big restaurants or in super market. Supermarket like lulu and carrefour are best places to meet. Good Luck.

meh. it depends on alot of things. short answer is yes. long answer is no if you know what you are doing and the right people

Hey sorry for the delay, I have not yet made it to riyadh. I leave the US Jan 10...i will be on a Westerner compound... I will be working for the Air Force Base their

Thanks for the info, I am sorry and hope I do think make anyone mad when I get to riyadh, I'm just a good ol southern boy with southern charm.  Sounds like I may have to leave my charm at home.. So your saying goes not to talk to women of any kind in public, but it's possible to talk to them in supermarkets and so forth, just be careful? OK well thank you for your time and experience

Oh so make it short and sweet? No long conversations? Yeah I can see the long K especially getting me in trouble, so I will definitely avoid those... Thank you

That's don't make anyone mad... Sorry about the typo

try not to get close to women as possible as you can, and you will get used to it after a couple of month.

haha it is more more dangerous being with a man than a women. If you are caught then you are in deep shit. Am not taking it wrong, you can do anything in your compound or any private place. But you cant hug a man in public. Recently last month some kids were arrested coz they were hugging in street. Anyways enjoy and Mr Fred, you dont need to worry, you are in a western compound, you can have hell lot of fun there.

Of course you can hug a man in public.  That was a public campaign the kids got into trouble for.  Are you saying you can't hug your friend in public that you run in to after a long time?  Of course you can.  On the other hand, you can never hug a woman in public.

As for being with a man, this country is paradise for those inclined in that direction.  There have been many news articles on it, search on google.  Yes, if you get caught, you are in deep shit as you said, but if you are orientated that way, you can be be dating your special 'friend' in public all over the place, and no one will suspect or say anything, and that's what happens.  The stories my gay fiends tell me... they will knock you out cold!

hahaha may be i took it wrong, but thats fine. Even if caught as a gay i heard severe punishment. Even if someone living in compound can invite girls in there, thats possible. May be guys outside compound might turn out to something due to depression.

Cool,  I hope so.  Thanks for getting back with me... No hugging for me

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