British Female Teacher in Ajman wanting to make new friends

Hi all or sallam I am a British Muslim female living in ajman wanting to expand my social network of friends. I don't have a car so a little bit restricted but need to get out and about more to view this amazing country.

What do you teach?

Hi I teach English, are you a teacher also?

No I work in films. I only asked because of your spelling of femail.
Good luck.

Thank you for your astute observation, were humans we all make mistakes when we are overly tired. I will stick to my profession and you continue with yours...All the best.

lol :thanks:

nice to meet u

fine you?

My name is Sahil....I am an indian..Working for A Dubai Govt Company  , 34 years old. looking for a female friend to hangout, clubs and movies

If Interested dont hesitate to call me on 056 1609442


How Are you ?

Hi dear.
Welcome to UAE.
Looking forward to hear from you

Normally,  do you like ti hang out and spend weekends  or holidays in dubai

Thankyou how are you doing...

Hi Dear.
I am doing great.
How can be in touch? I prefer through email if you don't mind


hello Pari and welcome to UAE.
Without knowing where you live in Ajman, have you visited the Sharjah Ladies Club? I appreciate you don't have your own transport, but you might meet ladies from Ajman there who can offer you friendship and transport.
Best of luck
(p.s. I've always spelt the word 'female')

Thanks sushi are you also part of that club?

Hi Pari,

How are you? Hope you are enjoying here :)

I have sent you Private Message. Please check.

how are you madam....

Hi Pari,

Welcome to UAE. hope you enjoying the country.Hope you are finding a lot of friends by now....

Wish you a wonderful new year ahead!!

Take care


hello pari how are you u didnt replied after i mailed u 0504601800 from farhans1980[at]

you are welcome...
is it ok to chat via facebook?! i think it is the better way...

or gmail?

Hi..i hope u r doing well.. i would like to be your friend..plz let me know if its ok.. thanks
i will be waiting for ur add :)

hae paril

JotaCine :

No I work in films. I only asked because of your spelling of femail.
Good luck.


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NO thanks



sorry help me for what??

Hey Pari,
I'm romanian lady living in Sharjah, i would like to have a coffee and a chit-chat,drop me a line if you are interested as well.

Halo Pari,
Hope u're enjoying ur life in UAE,


hi pari, how r u, do u have time to drink coffe together?

Hi Pari,

Did you find any friends through this post??

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Are you still looking for friends

of course you can never have enough friends :)

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