Emirates Driving Theory test questions.

Dear All,

I attended theory test today and passed with 41 marks!!! It so simple only need to read and understand questions.
Few question which I remember are following

1. Seat beat where to wear it?
2. On motorway which light to be used?
3. On front seat in front of passenger air bag what height should person sit? a)140cm, b)160cm c)170cm
4. Safety sign's (Go through with all sign's) (3 question )
5. Exhaust system of car
6. In case of accident, what should you do first?
7. If you see accident and person is not stopping, what will you do?
8. Driving with flatten tires will effect? a) braking b)fuel efficiency c) exhaust)
9. Turn Right which lane should be follow
10. Turning Rule?
11. Driving on steep hill, what should you do to increase efficiency of car?
12. Children safety rack where not to keep? a) Front, B)rear, c) middle of rear
13. Who can do the overtake? In centre, continuous st. line on right hand and doted line on your left.. (for this look for book pg .32 of Emirates driving handbook)
14.No parking Sign, Familiarise yourself
15.Obstruction Rule
16.Full beam light when to use?

I suggest go through all time to the book, you will be fine, 45 question you will receive passing is 36. timing is 30 minutes

anaskhan19997 :

I would like to know whether the Test will be like writing kinda or would it be the multiple choice type.. And i mean all the questions .. how would they be? Help please! Thanks!!

It's a multiple choice, but the choices are very tricky, because there are 2 possible answers, just select the best one. Read the book carefully and sure you will pass. I passed the theory exam on first try, 43/45. Dont rush on answering the questions, read carefully and select the best answer.

Good luck

Its a multiple choice..nd a very easy test...
Just go through da lectures nd book once...

Dear Friend .

please Send Me Theory Test Qst And Answer Please tomorrow i have exam.

Advance Thanks.

Please send me the abu Dhabi Q&A to xxx

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Guys thanks alot this thread helped me alot to clear my theory exams...

1 b

Reply me with answer plz soon

Hi brother, can you help me tomorrow the schedule for my exam can you send me the Q/A. Thanks...

Dear Diana Madam,

Good Morning,

I would like to give exam next week in Al Ain, Kindly send me aslo the question and answers pleaese.  my mail id : ***

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Dear Friend .

please Send Me Theory Test Q And A Please today i have exam.

Advance Thanks.

i am also get 34 in 45 it meen i am failed once next is after today classs


I now pursue for theory test:

may I ask?

1) how many questions?
2) how long?
3) min pass mark?
4) should we thorough with test book provided?


hi i have theory test i need more information about the questions in test hope you help me give examples questions and answers.. thank you..

Please send the question and answers of theory driving exam

can you send me the question and answer please

Please give me the answers, ***

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Hi kabayan need your help ,please share some of Q and A for the exam, im planning this week to take for theory exam,thanks in advance

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