I move to Foshan/Shunde next week.  Am always interested in exploring the expat scene (it can hardly be worse than some I have seen), so thought I'd drop a quick post here.

Do you have any particular meet-ups, or suggestions?

And more importantly, is there anyone looking to share an apartment?  Money is not the issue for me, I will be the one guaranteeing everything, however, I do prefer to accasionally bump of another person without having to go out and get leathered.  I am aware, unfortunately, that the latter may well end up being my social life however.

I'm a young professional who is on a working sabbatical to pick up Mandarin and Chinese cutlure.

Anyway, any suggestions, get in touch.


Hi, not sure about expat activity in shunde.

you will find some expat in Shunde I have client living in SHUNDE

Hi Peri,

I saw your post a couple of weeks ago but did not have time to answer it... I am myself working in Foshan but living in Guangzhou. I actually arrived in China a bit more than a month ago so everything is still very new for me.

I am 25 and French. I spent 2 years working in Thailand before moving to China for another 2-year contract. I used to go out a lot in Bangkok and never stayed home so I am really looking to meet new faces here.

Don't hesitate if you want to meet and have a drink or something. You can contact me on my skype nicolas__ott (2 underscores) or message me for phone number.

See you!


HI KNicolas,

i'm planning to go to Shunde for teaching as an English teacher. I'm from Tunisia an I don't know anything about that place. Shunde is near Foshan. I want to get in touch with you. I tried to add you to my skype but your ID is not available.  Any way , this is mine: arwahado. please contact me as soon as possible

hi ritta12 and nicolas, I am a Malaysian working in Foshan, Nanhai District. I have tried to contact both of you thru skype. Feel free to contact me if you need help.

Hi Ritta,

Are you now in Shunde?

Hi Milo, she is coming sometime in August (next month)

Hi Milou,

As he said , I will come in August,

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