looking for young au-pair person

Hello there,

my family is planning to live in Bruxelles from next summer.  So, I'm looking for young au-pair person who take care for my children, they are 8 and 4 years old. Both children will attend school during the day.
If you are interested in this kind of employment, please contact me!

Best regards

Hi gmassimo! You should also post in the Belgium classifieds > job section.

Good luck

thanks so much Christine, I'll move the post.

If you want to go as an aupair, you should check the [moderated: no ads in your very first message]
They are really good and thanks to them I found a family in less than 2 weeks.


i have a contact in roeselare, 8800 where i live now
jenna smet, project manager for aupairsupport (info[at]aupairsupport.be)
send her my regards
she's upper class, her husband a dentist

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