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Can anyone tell what the rate for teaching English privately would be. Am aiming at business English to Adults.


You could charge between $10-15 per hour for non-business English teaching, I have seen one person offer $100 per month for a certain amount of lessons, not sure how many hours though, but they advertise it is $5 per hour in that package.

The $10-15 per hour rate fits in well with standard English teaching in schools that one would get.

However, for business English I knew a guy who taught to small groups and he charged around $20 per hour, he had put some modules together and went around to Khmer businesses selling himself to teach business English.

I have searched around on the internet for similar opportunities on this and I think the ground is open for someone to go for this.

Thank you for your reply...
What you have talked about is what I was thinking. I put together a course for business English when I lived in Vietnam and it went well. I have noticed also that all the ESL jobs are for teaching younger students so there is a gap in this market for Adult Learners.

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