Live jazz on Koh Samui

I am planning to relocate to Koh Samui in February and will spend the first couple of months getting the feel of the place and how things work. Then I will want to start a small business, possibly a restaurant specialising in pizzas and crepes etc. I am not interested in attracting the Girlie Bar clientele (no pool tables, no TV showing sport etc). Instead I want it to be a bit more up-market and cater to locals, visiting couples and single women. If possible I would like to have live jazz playing at nights so it would need to seat 80 or so inside and outside to make it economically viable.

My questions are (1) Where would be the best location for this - Chaweng, Lamai, or Bophut? (2) I have been to the International Jazz Week before but the performers were mainly visiting from Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. Are there any good jazz musos on Samui, either locals or expats?

Hey there.
Not sure how this has all panned out for you- but I'm a performer/singer in Melbourne and we are coming over to Samui for a holiday and would love to know how you went with your jazz bar- weather it be to maybe come and sing there or hang out or both.
Look forward to an update...

Hi - I'm Jeff, 46 year old male from California. I hate to tell you this, but this is a terrible idea for a business. There are a million other places just like it that are all empty. Don't throw your money away my friend, just keep it in your pocket where it's safe. But if you are on samui and want to hang out and chat over a beer, feel free to get in touch - thanks and take care - jeff   kidspartyrentals[at]

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