Belgium Business Visa Rejection - Help required

I have submitted mu business visa from company and provided all the required documents.
I never knew consulate would call me for verification and am unprepared ,so in a hurry instead of saying my purpose of visit as 'to attend meetings' used 'work with my process partners on finalizing some templates'.
Then i later corrected saying its not work related its just documenting and inspite of many clarifications looks like they may grant me visa only for few days against stipulated time of 90 days or reject my Visa .Awaiting for their decision.

Request someone to tell me what should I do in either case,because their understanding is am going on business visa which should actually be a work permit visa.There is no possiblity from my companny to provide work permit and am required to travel for a project asap.If am providing a letter from my company authority will it help once i get my passport from VFS tomorrow or day after ?

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