Visit Visa Extension in Riyadh

I would like to renew/extend my father's visa for the first time, so I would appreciate if you can guide me with exact process. I have already read various scattered information on the internet but if you can consolidate this here, it would help many such here.

Does anyone have the most recent experience of renewing/extending the visit Visa from Jawazaat in Riyadh? I have few questions :
1) How many days in advance  before the expiry of visa can I extend the visa?
2) What are their working hours for extension service?
3) Regarding the agents sitting outside the Jawazaat premises, can we rely on them to pay the fee of 100 SR? How much fees does the agent charge for his service?

Please add any more information which would be useful in this regard.

here is the answers.i have  4 time experience this process.

1) 6 days before you can go if you go before more then 6 days they will ask you to wait and come again .better to go first days of  last 6 days so that you get idea of the rush .if there is eid or any holiday remember there will be no notification on the board about extension of days so dnt believe the folks there. this is Saudi and anything can happen.
2)they work till 1 pm if i am not wrong there is no extension. better to go there before 5am i recommend.
3) when you will go there you will have to fill a form which is in arabic attached fresh passport size photos (i think 2) and then need to pay fee.i paid from my anb net banking and attached its online can ask the agent he will pay the fee but he will charge you like 10 to 15 SAR for this

Do I need to reach before 5 a.m.?

No need by 5:00 am. Note that they work from 7:00 am but the rush for token begins before. It will be good if you reach there by 6:00 am and get the token , this will allow you to finish the whole process before 12 pm hopefully.

Thank you for useful information.

Is it mandatory that the sponsor of the Visa go personally? Can't I take help from any of authorized agent on my behalf?

Another question regarding the payment of fees online(AlAhli), I am trying to pay the fee (SR.100) online but I am unable to find the appropriate category against to pay this fee? Please guide me which one would work for me? Should it be against "Alien Control"-->"Extend Visitor Visa"?

yes you can go like around 6am but i really have very bad experience once so that why i recommended you .

anyways thanks Guru.

anyone can go its just submission of the documents and collection of extended visa form.

go to alian control then ministery of interior fee then enter the entry number that written by pen by then police on the arrival at airport .after then it will show your relative name .if its ok then enter the fee and submit it.

I was able to extend the Visit Visa successfully today for my parent . I would like to share my experience as it may help others.

I reached the Jawazaat office(in Riyadh) at 5:30 a.m. The door was opened 6:00 a.m. and the tokens were issued at the same time.My serial number in the queue was 74 so I was able to finish everything by 8:00 a.m.

The point is "sooner you reach, sooner you can get out" as I could see a sea of latecomers waiting outside for their turn . Overall, it was not a bad experience.

Hi Expat.New / Muzhi,

My mother has come to KSA on a visit visa for 30 days. Want to renew it now.

Is there a possibility to renew it for 90 days? or extension time depends on initial issue period, which is 30 days in case of my mother visa?

How many times can I renew it?

Is there any way we can know upfront that, visit visa cannot be renewed further.

Thanks in advance for your reply.


My experience is, the visa duration cannot be changed from the initial visa duration. If it is 30 days then it will be extended for another 30 days. I was able to extend twice , making total stay to 3 months. Even through, the authorities don't wish to extend the visa, in that case, they will give you final extension of 10 days to exit the country. So, the last most extension will be of 10 days.

Hope this answers your questions.

Hi subbaraokommuri.

you have to renew visit visa after every month.if visa is of 2 months they will give u extention for same if it is of one months you can extend it for only one month not more then this. next time if you call u r mother go aplly manually for visit visa because "i have recetly apply for my mother visit visa online for three months and get only one month but i did not use that visa i went to istaqdam office and applied manualy (you can ask me for all process) and get for 2 months by this my mother can stay with me for 6 months.

also you can get information for permanent visa if you company is very good and your mother is vidow rest of all information you can get by u r self.

also if you went for 2nd time extention and the saudi guy did not put the final exit stemp you can still extend it next time but if he put last reneual stemp then you cant extend next time.
i adivce you dnt indulged into this difficult process just after three months send your mother back and apply again for three months.




Can you please elaborate the process to apply for Visit Visa through Istiqdam?

Than kyou

hi friend,

take copy of your iqama along with your original iqama copy of your passport copy of your mother passport along with the filled form that you can download online.
this form must be signed and stemp by your kafeel then go to chamber of commerce for temping this form.
in the form there is option to write days for which visit visa is needed mention 90 days there.
then take this form along with all attachments as mention above to istaqdam office that is just opposite to yamama hotel near hara.go there in morning around 6 or max 7 AM otherwise you will be unable to get the token.submit all to the personel and he will give you visa for minimum 60 days.then take that visa .two pages green and white keep whilte with you and use other.
after taking this visa you have to make it online .for this just fill the online visa form that you may have done before on mofa website and take print attach this form with your visa copy go to minitery of foreign affairs office take the copy of online form because it will be having the online number.then submit both documents there after 4 to 6 days your visa will be shown online you can check by the foam number it will be same coming as it was before.


So, if I understand it correctly, I need to apply for the Visa from Istiqdam and Mofa website both? Another question is, I am new to Riyadh and I knew the MOFA office. Can you please specifically direct me to the exact address within the MOFA premises to submit this application?

first you have do all the process to get visa from istaqdam this will be containing two pages .
then apply online take the print of the form this process will be different from the previous because you have just to take print and no need for Gurfa Tijaria.alo no need to attache your passport or aqama or anyother document as you already have the visa.

mofa is in nareea.if you are coming from alkharj side on King fahad road then take exit of shah ra e Washam reach the signal and turn left it and on left enter a underground kubri the moment you reach in center of kubri you will see a exit for nasreea take that exit it will take you to the MOFA  remember dnt do tawaf of MOFA buliding for searching parking as parking is on the other side of road near park.

Thanks for your help and replies, Muzhi & Expat.New. Next time I will apply manually to get 60 days visit visa.

Can you also suggest what is the best reason to write for visa extension?

I have tried to apply for permenant visa for my mother . But the concerned person is saying that he can apply but there wont be any use, because he has seen many cases like this. He is saying people pay 2000 SAR and keep on waiting. So he suggested to go for visit visa. Does anyone know who has sucessfully got permenant visa for widowed mother?

Best Regards

Hi Muzhi,

I got my mother visa extended through my company GR. In your reply and in many blog posts I read that they will put a stamp on extension, but for my mother case, I got a paper where they have put a stamp mentioning visa issue date, extension date etc. No stamp on passport? Is this new process? That paper looks very similar to exit entry visa page.

In this case, how do I know if my mother visa can be extended one more time or not?

You mentioned that we have to fill applicaiton form available online, for applying visa at ISIQDAM, can you please share link

Thanks and Regards

Hi subbaraokommuri,

you are right some time they stemp the paper some time not but they do nothing with the passport.if you are extending your visa first time then surely you can extend next time as well but if you are extending 2nd time then they will put another stemp or maybe they print that this visa is not extendable anymore.(you need to get more info by yourself). maybe now they are giving paper same like exit enter but before 6 months when i used to went there they gives paper Like Invoice or Fatoora page with wholes are the both sides.

for applying on istaqdam nothing you need to do online till you get visa from istaqdam.i am inboxing you my mobile to make thing clear to you.
this is the link for online visit visa not istaqdam ""
Dear for latest Info ask your Mandoob he will read the visa extention or send me scan copy.


I want to extend my mother's visit visa. My mother was sponsored by my husband and we got the visa for 1 month.

Now it is expiring and we must extend it. I have the form which can be filled in Arabic by people sitting outside the passport office, I do have the photographs, iqama copy and passport copies together with the original passport.

My question is, should the visa extension form be stamped by my husband's company before submitting the form to passport office.

Need a very urgent reply. Appreciate your help.

No,There is no need to attest/endorse the Visa Extension form.

ok great...that's a big relief.
So the process  should be to get the form filled, paste the photograph and submit the documents, and they should give the extension on submission???

Appreciate your reply

Yes, your understanding on the process is correct.

Thank you for all the help. was able to get the extension.

salam brother, i want to know that how many days before we should go to jwazat for apply extention of family visa and can i applied 10 days before expiring  the visa pleaseguide me and tell me that its necessary that i should take  all family members origional passports

Not before 6 days of visa expiry date.

Hi, i would like to ask when my husband renewed my visit visa for the first time he was given a piece of paper printed on it about the visit visa details, the visa date of issue and expiry and no stamp in my passport, can i still renew for the second time?
Thank you


Hi Bubblegumbabyy,

I can share my experience. I have extended my mothers visa twice. Intially visa is issued for one month. When I applied for visa extension, I have applied for 2 months both times, but visa extension is given for one month only both the times. They gave a A4 sheet which looks very similar to exit re-entry visa. A stamp is put on that paper. No stamp is put on passport. I didnot extend third time. I have asked many people on how do we know that, visa cannot be extended any more? I didnot get concrete answer. My suggestion is Keep trying till visa extension is rejected and be prepared to leave if they don't extend. Next time follow the procedure given by Muzhi in the same thread. You will get 2 months visa and every extension will be for 2 months. I have followed the procedure told by Muzhi and I got my mothers visit visa for 2 months.

Hi subbaraokommuri! Thank you for the prompt response.
On your first renewal you were given that paper same that was given to me, were you able to renew again using that paper?
I just want to make sure that the paper is not the final visit visa renewal, because i will renew for the second time.

bubblegumbabyy wrote:

Hi subbaraokommuri! Thank you for the prompt response.
On your first renewal you were given that paper same that was given to me, were you able to renew again using that paper?
I just want to make sure that the paper is not the final visit visa renewal, because i will renew for the second time.

A visit visa can be renewed / extended for a max of three times after arrival.

Hi guys
where shall I go for extension of my mother visa.
in jawazad or in shamesi?

Visit visas can now be extended! This is a good news for those families who wish to stay here longer in the kingdom :))

Hi! May I know where can I get the online form for the visit visa extension? So I can asked somebody to fill it in before going to jawazat.

hoping for a response. Thanks

joyceann wrote:

Hi! May I know where can I get the online form for the visit visa extension? So I can asked somebody to fill it in before going to jawazat.

hoping for a response. Thanks

Friend Below is the link where you can find your required form. … ain/Forms/

Thanks for your response. Should it be filled online or handwritten?

Thanks again

joyceann wrote:

Thanks for your response. Should it be filled online or handwritten?

Thanks again

it should be hand written.

outside jawazat office there are many saudis who can fill form for some amount(10 or 20 riyals)

Thank you very much Brother.  :)

Brother, one more query, which form should I use if I want my daughter to permanently stay with us here in Riyadh under my husband's iqama?

My company applied my visa in march 1 week
After very long finally came my visa on may last week  I don't know why its take more time for my visa and my agent send visa to mumble consulate office from there my visa rejected because in my visa letter agency name different.
So my company applied again in my visa letter name change as called wakkala change and its taking to much time wakkala change new agency name
My company applied on 1 julyin Saudi  then still in processing I don't know when it will come my visa
And my old agency license expires
So need to change agency name
Plsz help me anyone

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