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Hi all,
I have been offered a job as a dental specialist in dar is salary and deductions from it are as follows[in USD]

Gross Pay: 5,000/-
Less NSSF: 500
Sub Total: 4,500/-
Less PAYE (income Tax): 1,280/- (approx taken at current exchange rates and tax rates)
Net Pay: 3,220/-

In addition i will be provided with Shared Accommodation in 2 Bed Room Apartment and $300/- per month as local allowance in Tanzania Shillings

Please advice me if this is a reasonable salary and how to reduce the tax

Need to take a decision soon.plz help

Hi, Sagar here and i am assistant to an interventional cardiologist at lilavati hospital, Mumbai. I was in Dar es Salam in November 2013 for medical tourism, visited many hospitals, physicians and i found that the opportunities are more into medical field. as it will be a entry for you in Tanzania you should take it and they are offering you a nice handsome salary so as per my advice you should take it.
an average salary is that what you are getting.

Sagar sahu.

With my HR experience at international organizations here in Tanzania,.the salary offered is reasonable especially with housing benefits.The salary is motivating enough to enjoy your career and your stay in the country.
I am sure they will be offering other benefits like mobile,internet and transport refunds to simplify your work.
Most of the time you will be offered such a salary but without housing benefits.So,I think you should feel excited to take the position.
I wish you all the best.If you have more questions ,please let me know and I will be happy to assist you.


Thank you for your post.

It’s true that you can save your tax but it’s depends on situation. What I understand that you will recruit as employer, whereas If you recruit as consultant. Definitely you will able to save your tax. (Employee rate 30% and consultancy withholding tax 15%)

Secondly NSSF, will be recoverable once you claim your fund from the authority.

Lastly, your reasonableness of your salary depends on qualifications and experience.

Advice: Try to sign contract currency into dollar rather then shillings.


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