Recent History Information Needed

   Hello Friends in Cordoba, Argentina,   

In the 1960s, I was in the American Consulate in Cordoba.  I worked with a small crew of Argentine and American employees in the various places where the USA had a presence in Cordoba.  This was a happy time and I would very much like to see if anyone who was there, at the time, is still around, either in Cordoba or in other parts of the world.

There was the American Consulate, the Bi-National Cultural Center and a small military mission in Cordoba at the time. The Consulate was on an upper floor, in an office building in the center of the city.   I recall that the bi-national center was nearby on a main avenue.

Times were troubling as anyone alive at the time will remember. Despite that I remember Argentina and Cordoba with great affection and hope to revisit the city soon.

Since, I did not see the southern areas of Argentina while living in Argentina, I took the time to go back and explore Patagonia, the Antarctic, and the Atlantic coast on two recent trips.

Those trips were eye-opening as to the vastness and complexity of Argentina.  Fortunately, I met many wonderful people along the way.

Let me hear from you, if you have some time to look back and want to communicate. Thanks.

Sincerely, George W.  :thanks::)