where to play football in Dhaka

Hi everyone

I used to play football at American International School for years then moved to play at French School for a year before they decided to use that pitch for building construction. So, now I never played at all for many months.

Please let me know where you guy play football for leisure?


Outside of these schools, i dont usually see expats playing in any other fields except for the private clubs if they have any, i myself am not  that much of a football player buy if you can gather a team of people you know you may play it in any field you see in the city, jus need friends to play with, that all, and if you are planning for any match events then you will have to contact the clubs that own those fields prior to you game

You can try out Old Dohs, you won't find many foreigners playing there, but u will find people there who can play and they r pretty friendly (and they can speak english ;))

let me know if u liked it or not

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