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Did anyone have experience buying online thru in Saudia?

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I have bought a few watches from there.  Their customer service is not that good.  I received wrong items a few times, or correct items but in wrong boxes.

Returns have been more or less hassle-free.  They even have the option to return simply if you didnt like the item, even if it is not defective.  And I did that once, returned a watch I didnt like in person, even though it looked good in pictures.

Overall, I would give them a B-. deserves a B+, and deserves a solid A/A+.

I bought a perfume recently and got it dispatched in a day and received within 3 days.

vramakr :

I bought a perfume recently and got it dispatched in a day and received within 3 days.

Can you recommend your seller ?

Souq is really trustworthy in KSA. Because you this is KSA and if something goes wrong, it's DONE! Only thing you have is to know arabic or have anyone who can speak Arabic, because the delivery person/driver understands your address better when spoken in Arabic. One more precaution is to read each and every detail about the product. After ordering, you  receive an e mail and you can see " condition: new". Then you can proceed without cancelling your order. I ordered a Microsoft Office 2013 Home and student for SR 499 . I am happy with the delivery and the product :) . Another precaution is ro check the cost of the item in some other website. Cross check the cost to make sure its not fake. For electronics, you can goto [link moderated] and see the "Shopping Guide". So 3 basic precautions;
1. Arabic language
2. The "condition" of the product
3. Cross checking the price of the same item.
Thats all!! :D

My seller was E-mrsa

Excellent .. you can buy anything without any hesitation, bought many items from

Yes brother.  I can say that all parfumes at Souq are authentic. I have been doing online shopping at Souq ksa for 3 years and I never have any bad experience for perfumes and even their customer service.

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