Got a job offer from Oman for 2000 Rials


I am having 7 yrs experience in Oil & gas sector in consultancy business.

I have got a job offer from Oman for 2000 Rials, no accommodation.

Please suggest how much would be monthly expenses for a couple including accommodation,transport,food,entertainment,etc

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Which field of Oil&Gas u're in. Let me know as i belong to the same sector. Depending upon the disciplines, the salaries in OG fluctuate.

With 7 years experience, they should offer you more if you're into Engineering and well services / operatiuons. However, for a non-technical discipline, this salary is OK.

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Cost of living in oman varies in different parts of oman, it applies to accommodation, in Muscat, Accommodation is costly (R.O.450 and above), if you are preparing food from home for two persons, we can limit the expense within R.O.120, then shoping and entertainment depends upon you and about transportation you have to buy a vehicle either a car or a 4 wheel drive, you can own one with an installment of R.O.250 (depends on your loan period), you can go for cheaper one so that installment will come down to R.O.150/-

*In total i can say its all depends on your standard of living.


Hi schaz, thanks for ur reply

I m into HSE & risk analysis profile. Plz suggest me whether th salary offered is sufficient for a couple if I aim to save half of my salary & live a decent life

Food 100
2BHK 150-200 (in Sohar. Mct will be expensive)
Better to have own car or rent a car.
Entertainment expenses depends on your hobbies. There is no much for entertainment out of mct except site seeing. Movies you can enjoy regularly :)

Good place for saving money!

Dubai can be visited frequently for entertainment...

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