salary tax - expat in Quebec

hy guys!
Wat is the salary tax, you pay as expat in Quebec. The total package proposed is around 55K

also, any french community similar to dubai marina

How much a 1 bedroom, preferably high rise

Any idea of car rent, fuel cost?


You pay income tax in Canada based on taxable income, not gross income, so you can't tell a person exactly what they will end up paying that easily.

You will pay 15% income tax on the first $43,561 of "taxable" income.

You will pay 22% on the portion of taxable income over $43,561 up to $87,123.

For cost of living information you can find that out using Numbeo

Just type in the name of the city or country you want informationa about.

William James Woodward - Brazil & Canada Expert, Expat-blog Team

thx man! great.. tc
so ur in rio? im looking fwd the world cups. any idea abt ticketing?

No I don't know the first thing about the tickets. I hate soccer and have simply ignored all the news about the World Cup. Thank God I live 4 hours away from Rio so I'm not even going to see a ripple on the water during all the hooplaw!!!